Another nod from Benzema with Mbappé

The Real Madrid striker has shared on his Instagram account a publication of the French National Team in which both players are seen.


The winks towards Mbappé continue. In a summer marked by his possible transfer to Madrid, Karim Benzema, 33, has uploaded a story to his Instagram profile in which he shares a publication of the France team in which both players are seen.

It is not the first time that the two footballers show their affection on social networks. Since the Madrid team returned to the concentration of the French National Team to play the European Championship, the white striker has shown great complicity with the PSG team. In training they were seen all the time together and when it was announced that Benzema was wearing his country's shirt again, Mbappé uploaded a photo to Instagram welcoming him. The relationship has reached such a point that at the end of the European Championship the two players shared a vacation destination: Mykonos.

Only Benzema knows the reason why he shared that photo with Mbappé. On the pitch, the two forwards understand each other and it is a signing that Benzema knows is of vital importance for Madrid. Benzema wants to play with Mbappé again, but until the market ends, it will not be known if it will be with the France shirt or with the Real Madrid shirt.

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