Anduva opens the garter curtain

The Mirandés will face the recently promoted Amorebieta with the intention of adding his first victory. The Biscayns face the same challenge.


Mirandés and Amorebieta will meet three seasons later, but this time they will do so in the Silver category. The rojillo team opens in its fiefdom, with new grass and a lively crowd that will return to the stands of Anduva 537 days later. There is a desire for football, to see live the evolution of a young squad that has hooked the wild boar fans from day one (follow the game live on .

Lolo Escobar does not give clues about the starting eleven, but warns of the difficulties involved in facing a rocky rival that already put Girona in trouble on the first day. The Extremaduran coach wants his team to control the game through possession and be forceful in defense, especially in set pieces where the Biscayan are very effective.

Escobar will almost certainly repeat the back row, while ahead he will bet on Meseguer, once he has recovered 100% of his physical discomfort. The contribution of the Murcian midfielder in the so-called 'dark work' is key for the jabato box. Where there could be modifications is in the attack zone. Brugué could replace Simón at the spearhead. Íñigo Vicente will again lead the creation game after his good performance at La Rosaleda.

For its part, Amorebieta seeks to release its points locker after surpassing its premiere in the category. There is optimism after the good image of the team in Girona despite the defeat. Vélez de Mendizabal still cannot count on his right-handed lanes and will once again relocate Olaetxea to that position. Recover two important pieces such as Iker Bilbao and Markel Lozano.

Possible keys to the game

- Patience: The Reds know that to win they must be faithful to their style, have control of the game and patience to hurt their opponents.

- Solidity: The Amorebieta is a very compact team with the mechanisms of its game perfectly assimilated.

- Defense: Lolo Escobar emphasizes strategy plays, one of Amorebieta's strengths. The team must be serious in this regard.

Aces to follow

Meseguer: There is much speculation about his future, but the contribution of the Murcian player is key for Mirandés.

Guruzeta: Much mobility throughout the attack front. Despite his height, he is not a finisher but a generator. Likes to play the game.

Ups and downs

Mirandés: Full-back Iago López continues to recover.

Amorebieta: Aldalur and Zarrabeitia are out due to injury, while Iker Bilbao and Markel Lozano return to the squad.

Previous statements

Lolo Escobar, Mirandés coach: "If the game goes along the lines of what Amorebieta wants, we will have nothing to do in terms of centimeters, dispute, war, fight. We are not of that profile. We have studied the rival well. and we know what their strengths are. More than ever we must focus on our own. The ball from below, trying to play and adding passes "

"There is no excess of confidence. We know that a team profile like Amorebieta may be much more difficult for us than a profile like Málaga. I think that a team that lets us play will be better for us. We are quite aware of that it will be a rather difficult war "

Vélez de Mendizabal, Amorebieta coach: "The team felt recognizable in the game despite the defeat in Girona, although that is of no use to us. We cannot settle for playing a good game because we get zero points. We have to demand more of ourselves to score, to win. Against Mirandés we will try to get the three points "

"Mirandés felt more comfortable in the second half in Malaga. They want to have the ball and play. On top of that they do well. It will be a very difficult game. Each one will try to play their game. You have to be prepared for the different situations that arise. can give in the match "

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