Ancelotti reassures Blanco

The canterano midfielder will not have to leave in these final hours of the market despite the arrival of Camavinga. Ancelotti has reassured him.


The signing of Eduardo Camavinga by Madrid will not mean the express departure of Antonio Blanco before the market closes. Although Real Madrid will increase its list of midfielders in this way, Ancelotti has reassured the Madrid youth squad. He continues to trust him and his role in the first team has not changed. For the Italian Blanco it is the first replacement for Casemiro and the profile of Camavinga, more similar to that of an interior, does not change those plans.Neither will he be the one sacrificed for his record in the event that in the end the Mbappé operation took a turn and there was a transfer. Blanco continues to have a record with Castilla but it is a pure administrative formality for Madrid to have more room for maneuver in the first team. His role is of the first team even if he has minutes of filming in the subsidiary and it will continue to be so. A status commensurate with his usual presence in the Under-21s and his peculiar debut before the Eurocup with the senior team. Also a way to scare away interested clubs. Blanco has a large number of teams pending from him since the summer of 2020 but at that time Madrid transmitted that they would not accept his departure. It is the same message that has been circulating among those teams this Tuesday since the imminent signing of Camavinga became known. Blanco does not leave Madrid at the moment.

A vote of confidence for the footballer even though he has not yet participated this season in any of Madrid's three games so far. In Mendizorroza, Ciutat and Villamarín, Casemiro played it all. It is usual and Blanco himself knows it, but the season is long and although now there has been a mess with the Conmebol internationals, during the season Casemiro is expected to have to travel with Brazil without so much hustle and bustle. A wear for which Ancelotti has Blanco's remedy.

As this newspaper reported, the Cordoba midfielder was one of the first, along with Miguel Gutiérrez and Mario Gila, to receive the call from Madrid to receive the communication that Ancelotti was very interested in having them on hand. Blanco has not had the opportunity that Gutiérrez did enjoy against Betis but his role in Ancelotti's plans does not change. Not even with the presence of Camavinga.

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