An Almerian from Aveiro

He has barely been at Almería for eleven months, but Samu Costa has fallen on his feet in a land that has made him one of the most beloved players.


In the middle of last September, Almería announced the incorporation of Samu Costa, on loan from Sporting de Braga. Portuguese U-20 international, from the outset José Gomes gave him stripes and ownership in the center of the field ahead of other heavyweights of the rojiblanco team, such as Petrovic or De la Hoz. At 19 he showed great adaptability and excellent qualities, both defensively and offensively, with which it must be that his momentum sometimes turned against him with so much cardboard: he finished the season with 17, a fortnight in the league, only behind Pathé Ciss, Édgar González, Adrián Diéguez and Álvaro Lemos.

Last June, after the elimination against Girona, Samu Costa was the last to leave the pitch. The one from Aveiro went to the different sectors of the Mediterranean Games Stadium to thank the support of the fans who had not yet left the venue, repeatedly apologizing for not having been able to advance to the second promotion tie. The midfielder did not mind taking a few more minutes, clashing hand by hand with the fans one by one. Disconsolate, his tears were not crocodile, because it was not the first time that he showed his commitment to a team in which he was, after all, on loan. In fact, that night it seemed that it was his last with the rojiblanca.

Almería paid 5.25 million euros (previously unimaginable figure) to Sporting de Braga for taking over their services as property, although this did not mean their continuity, due to the large market they had, being Wolverhampton one of those who asked more interest. From the offices of the Vega de Acá they were - and are - aware that Samu is one of their main assets, emphasizing his projection every time other valuable pieces such as Sadiq were discussed. This has already led to the indálica entity having valued it at 25 million euros, although in the event of a proposal reaching ten, the negotiations would be easier.

The UDA does not want to sell to him and for the moment he is still on Rubi's squad, where he will continue if that succulent offer does not arrive. The rojiblanco club is in no hurry and the midfielder, with a contract until 2026, does not mind playing another season in the Second Division to continue growing. Last Monday in Cartagena he again showed his leadership despite being only 20 years old with numerous gestures to the Cartagonova Tribune area where four dozen fans from Almería were both when Almería scored the first two goals in goal close to those locations as when he was replaced.

At the end of the match, more: Gorostegui Fernández signaled the end of the match and the visitors left for the changing rooms; Samu, who ended the duel on the bench, got angry and ordered his teammates to come to that area to greet those fans. He has barely been eleven months old and he has already become one of the soccer players most loved by the fans, both for his qualities and for his way of being. He was born in colorful Aveiro, west of Portugal and 74 kilometers south of Porto. The Venice of Portugal, with its famous moliceiros, saw the birth of a Samu Costa who feels like one more from Almeria in a land where he has fallen on his feet.

Nieto measures his former team

After closing the day last Monday in Cartagena, Almería will receive next Friday (10pm) Oviedo, a team from which Juanjo Nieto comes, one of the four rojiblancos signings and the only one who did not debut in the first date. "I've been there for two years, it was an incredible experience and now facing them so early in the league makes it a special game," says the Castellón, who wore the Carbayona elastic up to 60 times in the last two seasons. "They gave me a lot of confidence from the first minute and I showed that I was capable of playing in that category. Ziganda arrived in a very difficult situation, but we managed to save the category by making a very good group. Their teams are very hard-working, they know what they are doing. they play and the entire squad goes hand in hand. They dominate all aspects of the game, they are a very well-armed team in defense, who like to go against the odds a lot and are strong from set pieces ", highlights Nieto.

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