An Almería with a greater trade

The rojiblancos have shown themselves in the league start as a team that comes out plugged in, reacts quickly to rival blows and handles 'other football' better.


Rubi was aware from the first moment that promotion was not achieved simply by signing the best pieces as if it were a video game. The Vilasarense coach is aware that the block is the main thing and has bet even in this league start for players with a secondary role last year such as Chumi or Buñuel, asking, yes, more experience and reinforcements for the defensive line in what remains of the market. The Almería coach has placed special emphasis on defensive concepts during the preseason, something that his pupils have shown this week, with the exception of the two goals conceded, where greater forcefulness has been lacking.

"The forwards have understood that in today's football we cannot distance ourselves from the defensive aspects. Sadiq, Ramazani and Lazo are showing it, who are the ones who are playing now," said Vilasar de Mar's man at the press conference last night postgame. In addition, both in Cartagonova and against Oviedo there has been an Almería with a greater profession, who comes out plugged into the field of play, reacts quickly to the blows of rivals and manages better the 'other football' despite the youth of the team ( 23'7 years had an average of eleven on Monday and 24 yesterday).

In Cartagena, the rojiblancos were a cyclone in the opening bars, getting ahead at 18 minutes thanks to a goal from Ramazani. Yesterday they took less time, making Lazo 1-0 at 4 '. In addition, if once the Almeria team weighed their legs too much both when they fit in and in the final minutes, in the two days of this season they have shown an improvement in that sense. In Murcian lands he continued as if nothing after Luna's goal, looking for the third and getting it to end the game without suffering, even touching the fourth; Yesterday he did not fall apart when Obeng drew, controlling the game and being comfortable in the last minutes despite the short score. "In the staff we are very heavy with the footballers, we do not stop correcting," said Rubi last night in reference to that profession.It equals its best start

In just five days Almería has added six points out of six possible. The rojiblanco team hadn't had such a good start for nine years, when they also won the first two days. It was the 12-13 course and the UDA, which ended up rising, beat Barcelona B 4-5 and Xerez 2-1. On the third date he also won (1-0) the Real Madrid subsidiary, falling (3-0) on the fourth in Sabadell. That and the current one are the only two times he has managed to win in his first two games of the season. Up to five times he got four points: 1997, 2004, 2009 (in First), 2018 and 2020. In the Al-Sheikh era, the first year he beat Albacete (3-0) and tied (1-1) in Santander, While in the second they won in Lugo (0-2), but Sporting lost (0-1).

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