Amorebieta says goodbye to Urritxe with a category victory

The Blues triumphed against Eibar in their last friendly at home thanks to two goals from Mikel Álvaro and Unzueta. They came back from a game with the intensity worthy of a league.


Amorebieta achieved a very meritorious victory after coming back to Eibar in what was the last match in Urritxe, since during the season Lezama will be their fiefdom. The domain of the game and of the occasions during the first bars were of the gunsmith team, with Corpas and Aketxe generating most of the danger. At a quarter of an hour into the game, the visitors went ahead thanks to a great header from Venancio at the exit of a corner thrown to perfection by Aketxe. However, far from collapsing, the Blues stretched out and stretched out on the field, ending the first half near the rival area.

Equality reigned in much of the second half, but Vélez's changes gave the team vitamin to seek a tie. Unzueta's entry was vital for the comeback. The young forward participated in the play that led to the equalizing goal of Mikel Álvaro, who nailed it in the squad. Five minutes from the end, Unzueta himself, who was celebrating his 23rd birthday, rounded off the party with a wonderful goal hitting the ball, with hardly any angle, in a center-kick that ended up sneaking into the armera goal.The bad news was left by Olaetxea, who had to retire just 10 minutes after entering the green because of a spectacular collision with Cubero, who was also leaving the field after the action. Without being a shock or much less violent, the attitude of both teams invited to think that there were three points at stake. No player spared efforts or shunned disputes. The duel between blues and gunsmiths had the intensity of a derby, and it is that just 25 kilometers separate Urritxe from Ipurua. In addition, the fact that they are going to compete in the same category made the pulse serve as a measuring stick to check the level with which the Amorebieta is approaching that debut in Second.

Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal still does not make anything clear which will be the starting eleven with which the competition will start. The truth is that the only non-negotiable thing for the technician from Gasteiz is the scheme, faithful to his 5-3-2. Few players seem to have a guaranteed place in a lineup that is changing every game. Regardless of who plays, the Blues are already very close to finding their best version. The results were not accompanying the zornotzarra club until last week's victory against Calahorra. It seems that this victory gave an important dose of confidence to the team in order to face this last week of such demanding preparation. And it is that, in just 48 hours, Amorebieta will have its last duel of this preseason, also against one of the recently descended to the silver category, Real Valladolid.

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