Alonso holds Hamilton and Ocon leads Alpine to glory

A huge triumph for the Frenchman in an incredible race that Bottas set afire at the start. Vettel was disqualified and Sainz, third behind Hamilton. Alonso, fourth.


It was beautiful, although it did not end as some wanted. They dreamed of the podium, it was possible to win after the start of the most insane grand prix that Formula 1 has experienced in a long time. The presence of rain and a carom caused by Bottas shook the established order, eliminated several favorites and resurrected some evicted people. Sainz was third at the last minute because Vettel, second, was disqualified. And Alonso fourth, just behind him, at the great party of his partner, Don Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman won his first race with Alpine yesterday, as the Asturian did at this same circuit 18 years ago. Epic triumph, enduring the pursuit of Seb for the entirety of the test. An impulse to continue aspiring to first place in the future, although a disappointment that the winner does not have a Spanish accent on the day that the trophies were on sale.

By parts: the start was in the wet, all with intermediate wheels. Hamilton defended the pole followed by Bottas and Verstappen, and the Finn started fatally. Max had already passed him under the stoplights, then Norris did. When they came to braking, a fattened Valtteri ran over Lando, Verstappen and Checo. The Mercedes eliminated the then World Championship leader, who continued on the track with irreparable damage. Meanwhile, Stroll pushed Leclerc and Ricciardo. In this way, in the third corner Hamilton planted first followed by Ocon, Vettel and Sainz, who had started 15th. Eleven positions in three corners!

Race Direction raised the red flag to clean up the mess. All to the 'pit-lane' and new exit a few minutes later. The sun was bright, it burned, the track was drying by seconds, but you had to go out with rain tires. After the formation lap, fourteen out of fifteen cars went to the garage to change the tires and mount the dry ones. Only one continued with the planned plan, Hamilton, who started alone on a grotesque grid with the green wheel. When he replaced them, one lap later, they had all overtaken him.

An epic defense by Alonso

The crossing in the garage street made Sainz lose two positions that would pay dearly, Latifi and Tsunoda slipped in. He pulled and pulled but can't overtake at the Hungaroring. Ocon and Vettel escaped, the ones who would play after the victory while the very slow Williams blocked the others. When everyone stopped, Sainz contradicted his engineers: "I have a lot of rhythm, leave me out." A wise decision, he went to Alpha Tauri and Williams for 'overcut'.

Alonso did the same, threw and overtook the slow train down the pit lane. But Hamilton was coming back in a big way, made an extra stop and had fresh wheels. Lewis hunted Fernando on lap 55 and then began a defense and attack recital that will go down in F1 history. Epic actions, extremely risky, the Asturian endured the champion and gave wings to Ocon. Stuck in the DRS zone, meandering, touching. A delight to witness the duel that the difference in cars has prevented on so many other occasions. The Asturian was appointed pilot of the day. But in the end, Goliath won: Hamilton took ten laps, but hunted down the Alpine.

It was more difficult for Carlos, because his pace at that time was significantly lower, he had no wheels and had to save fuel. In the end the Mercedes passed Sainz on the straight, helped by the doubled Ricciardo, three laps from the checkered flag. The podium was vanishing, it seemed, although Vettel's final disqualification returned it to him late at night. Also worth

The day of Ocon

Y was won by Ocon, holding back a four-time world champion with a faster Aston Martin. He had only two serious attacks, one after the change of tires that Seb advanced, and another as the train of bending approached. But the Frenchman is called upon to do great things in the future and everyone on his team knows it. Also Alonso, who ran to hug him in the closed park. It was in his hands to contain the legend a few laps, because Hamilton finished 2.7 seconds behind the winner, less than one behind Vettel, and with a couple more laps he would have hunted them down. In Esteban's hands, this time, was the glory reserved for the victors.

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