Alonso busts the computer

"The graph said that Hamilton was winning with a 12-second advantage," the Asturian confessed to AS. His defense gave the victory to Alpine. "It was hell," says Lewis.


"What a shame, Fernando." And Fernando opens his arms, but smiles under the mask. Nothing of that. Alonso's joy after Ocon's triumph in the Hungarian GP is sincere, no one asked him to go to the corralito to applaud the winner, nor that he go first to take the team photo in the 'pit-lane'. Earlier, during the race, the engineers had also not suggested that he try to slow Hamilton a couple of laps to give Esteban air for one simple reason: by his calculations, it was impossible. Alonso himself commented to AS at the door of Alpine's 'hospitality': "I just saw the graph in the briefing, the simulation says that Hamilton was going to win the race with a twelve-second advantage" .

"I thought Lewis would overtake me by one lap, he had a second difference in the car and another in the tires. But he made mistakes in the final part and never got close enough to the straight." It was tracing with errors. "When he finally got it right, he made the line good, it happened to me", says Fernando, who thinks that they "got to play", but that it was not to the limit: "If I hadn't gone fifth (fourth finally), if I had gone ninth, then yes I would have gone to the limit with nothing to lose. " Hamilton protested on the radio at some point, saying "it was dangerous" and that raises the eyebrows of the two-time Spanish champion, and half-paddock, coming from the Silverstone accident with Verstappen or Bottas' carom in the first corner. The journalist Jeremy Clarkson, famous for Top Gear, glossed the duel of the titans on Twitter: "The best piloting I have ever seen in my life"

Hamilton: "Fernando was hell"

In cold, Hamilton qualified and praised the ten laps against Alonso: "Fernando was hell. It was a spectacular competition, quite on the edge at one point, but great competition. Incredible. Really fantastic. Hopefully The cars could be followed more closely and I'm really excited about what it can be next year. Big wheel-to-wheel battles and I think it was literally wheel-to-wheel, at least once. "

"It's what happens when you ride against a two-time world champion who is probably one of the toughest drivers, but clean. Although, I would say this time I was a little over the limit. I would have done the same for my team," he said. the seven-time champion. And Wolff, Mercedes boss: "He fought hard, maybe what he did on the straight was tough. But he competed well, his ability is enormous and you just have to see the result. He made Alpine win the race and that's what must do a pilot ".

"Carlos or I could have won"

Regarding the race, the Spaniard comments that the chances of victory slipped for everyone in the second corner. He was well ahead of Ocon, Vettel or Sainz at the turn, but he drew on the outside and had to avoid the disaster of Valtteri and Ricciardo's McLaren, which Stroll had pushed. While, inside, free track for your partner. "By rhythm, Carlos or I could have won," he acknowledges, because the comeback of both, 'overcut' by means of, to cut a difference that exceeded 18 seconds was enormous. But Esteban won, deservedly, and Alonso added a fourth place with the asterisk of Vettel's appeal. "Now he owes me a bigger gift for my 40th birthday," he sums up with a laugh. For a driver with 97 podiums, regardless of the result, the defense over Hamilton will go down in motorsport history.

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