Almeria does not under-sell Sadiq, Samu Costa and Sergio Akieme

The rojiblancos value the Nigerian at 30 million, the Portuguese 25 million and the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean 7.5 million. It sends the message that they will stay if an offer close to those figures does not arrive.


Almería has a lot of cloth left to cut this month in terms of making the squad. Movements such as the more than possible exit of Umar Sadiq would serve as a domino effect (the game will begin when the greats move token) for Mohamed El Assy and Joao Gonçalves to undertake the numerous innings that Rubi has left, in large part, for that release of the wage bill. There have been few teams that have been interested in the Nigerian forward, both national and foreign, but no proposal has so far satisfied the Indálicas claims.

El Almería, as happened with the historic sale of Darwin Núñez (24 million euros, the highest in the history of Segunda), is not in a hurry and will not accept any offer. Kaduna's has even been an image in the presentation of the new jerseys, training as one more in the preseason. With a contract until 2025, the rojiblanco club is aware that it has the upper hand; yes, he will not put any impediment to his departure, but as long as he satisfies the financial demands of the club. When the rojiblancos leaders paid six million euros to the Belgrade Partizan, they promised the striker that they would not close the doors in the event of a larger company in the not too distant future; Thus, its transfer is being carried out over low heat, sending the message that another course will remain in the Mediterranean if the expected offer does not arrive.

The script is the same for Sergio Akieme and Samu Costa, although, unlike Sadiq, the continuity of both is not such a crazy matter. After the two were on loan last year, Almería paid 3.5 million euros to Barcelona for the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean side and 5.25 million to Sporting de Braga for the Portuguese midfielder to take them ownership.As is the case with those footballers that the Indálica entity considers can obtain copious income in the form of transfers, the UDA offered both Akieme and Samu the largest possible contractual relationship, that is, five years: until 2026. In this way , It gives the player a certain stability and the club has greater room for maneuver to negotiate, although they made it clear to both that they would not close doors to cut off their performance if a larger company appears.In the case of the Portuguese, with the signing of his new contract, he has made a qualitative leap in terms of emoluments, since despite his outstanding role last year he was one of the footballers with the lowest record in the silver category (150,000 euros per year ). The Almería valued it at 25 million euros, however it seems quite complicated for the Vega de Acá offices to receive an offer with those figures in the situation in which the market is located. Wolverhampton is one of the clubs that has shown the greatest interest in Samu, but the British have not presented an offer that, without being decisive, can serve as a basis for reaching a successful conclusion. The one from Aveiro was the protagonist in the video of the subscription presentation, a wink to send the message that it is not going to be undersold. Even this weekend the midfielder has assured that his head "is only in Almería" .

Akieme will also stay in the rojiblanca discipline in the event that a good proposal does not arrive. Its starting price is 7.5 million euros, taking into account that a few months ago Almería paid 3.5 million for it. Sporting de Portugal asked in April about the left-back in case Nuno Mendes finally ends up leaving José Alvalade. More recently, Cagliari presented an offer of 4.5, ridiculous for Almeria interests. From the offices of the Vega de Acá they are clear that the transfers of their three most important pieces will not be at a bargain price, recognizing that the offers so far are not enough for players with such potential and aware that they have many cards winners in the game, either with good economic proposals, or with the continuity of some of the most renowned players in the category.

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