Almería can now manage the Mediterranean works

The council of the Almeria capital approves the concession of the Stadium to the rojiblanco club for 25 years. The remodeling will begin when the agreement is signed.


"When we arrived two years ago, we were unaware of Spanish law. We may have fallen behind in the deadlines. All the documentation is already submitted. Our idea is to start the works the day after signing the concession. We promise our fans that they will know the new reality of the Stadium this season ", the general director of the UD Almería and right-hand man of the Sheikh, Mohamed El Assy, explained last week. Said and done: the Almería City Council has approved the concession of the Mediterranean Games Stadium to the Indálica entity for the next 25 years and the remodeling works will begin shortly.

Only the UDA presented the offer to keep the administrative concession of the Stadium, without the existence of another bidder once the council of the capital of Almería reviewed the different records. The procedure started practically a year ago and it has been now when the Governing Board of the Municipal Sports Board (PDM) of the Almería City Council has given the final approval for the rojiblanco club to undertake the works it wishes to make of the venue of the Vega de Acá one of the national and continental references. Not surprisingly, the Indálica entity already has the administrative concession and only the award signature remains to be able to start the works.

The modernization works of the stadium built for the 2005 Mediterranean Games will involve an investment of more than 15 million euros, in addition to the annual fee of 139,500 euros. According to the club itself, it will mean "a new boost for sports in Almería and for elite football in particular", being "approved for major international events." The Governing Board of the PMD of the Almería City Council began an open process last April with the approval of the specifications of the economic-administrative conditions and the technical project, which has concluded at the beginning of the week with a telematic meeting, in the municipal opposition groups have abstained.

It will be after the signature between the city council of the Almeria capital and the UDA when the latter can request the building license, having to start it in the Palace of the Mediterranean Games, as it is thus established in the specifications itself in order to that the PMD offices be moved from the Stadium to the Palace. Of course, it is not ruled out that the work is simultaneous with that of the changing room area of the Stadium. Thus, Almería will be in charge of the maintenance and management of the Mediterranean, but not of its attached facilities, continuing the relationship with the City Council in this regard to communicate any work or even a possible name change, something that has already happened in other places for different business reasons.

A five-star Mediterranean

The Almería project is divided into two phases and six actions, as explained in the spectacular presentation last October. According to the club itself, the first phase will take place in three or four months, at a cost of five million euros. It will involve a modernization of the infrastructures, in the case of changing rooms, offices, shops and even the lockers, in a separate compartment outside, just like the store; while the façade will be red with the coat of arms of the city also in a preferential place. In the luxurious interior rooms, there will be plenty of decorations of Rozam, the pet lion imposed by the sheikh.

The second phase will include earthworks in an intervention that will involve lowering the playing field (eliminating athletics tracks) to increase the number of localities. Of course, the new capacity has not yet been specified, the current one being 15,000. For its part, both the cover and the spotlights, which will maintain their design, will also turn red. Thus, in the next few days the remodeling of the Mediterranean Games Stadium will begin without forgetting the old desire of the sports city.

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