Almería approved and suspended: commanders Sadiq and Ramazani

Excellent performance by the Nigerian, with a goal, and by the Belgian, a double and an assist, to put Rubi's team in the lead, which needs defensive reinforcements.


Fernando. One of the doubts was about the occupant of the goal, the Murcian being the first winner of the season. He could not do anything in Luna's goal. He took a mitt off Ortuño in the final stretch, when he also missed a chance for Rubén Castro. He was the captain on the record, but Lazo - and later De la Hoz - wore the bracelet.

Buñuel. Surprise in the eleven, he did not make a bad encounter, lavishing himself in attack when he should without neglecting defensive actions. From its side a couple of shipments were launched into the area. It was loaded with yellow at a quarter of an hour, but did not do anything remarkable to see the second.

Chumi. He was the leader in the axis of the rear, ahead of Maras, who started last season (Goztepe, Cádiz and Elche have offered offers for the Serbian). Good cut to Rubén Castro in the equator of the first act.

Tuesday. He returned to wear the rojiblanca after his year on loan at Rayo. Ortuño created more danger for him than Raúl Castro.

Akieme. He raised the band with a head, as in the third visitor goal, which began with a pass from him to Samu.

Samu. Its continuity will be one of the best news in the market in a rojiblanca key. He balanced his team and stepped on the rival area, being the author of the distant shot prior to 1-3. He left replaced with the twins loaded. At the end of the game he acted as captain, forcing his teammates to come back to greet the fans of Almería.

Ramazani. After the year of adaptation, he scored his best performance with the rojiblanca, driving the Cartagena behind crazy. He faced Luna again and again, who will have nightmares with the Belgian. He assisted Sadiq in the 0-1 scoreline and later scored a poor clearance by Delmás in the best goal of the day. In the second act he took advantage of the fact that David Andújar broke the offside in a rebound after a shot by Samu to sentence and be the first top scorer in the category. His speed and self-confidence will make the Mediterranean enjoy.

Curro Sánchez. The only signing of the summer that was a starter. It went from more to less, carrying the rojiblanca creation in the first half.

Robertone. The '5' (inherits the Morlanes number) was the grayest in Rubi's box. He hit a header in the 27th minute that went high.

Lasso. His great preseason games continued at Cartagonova, where he wore the bracelet. He warned with a right hand before the two minutes that forced Marc Martínez to use himself thoroughly. He was also close to the goal with a direct free kick in the 34th minute and a left foot in the 56th minute. In addition to the chances, he brought speed, a lot of speed, to the rojiblanco attack.

Sadiq. What a forward! David Andújar and Alcalá will not forget the night after failing unsuccessfully in one and another play with the Nigerian. He opened the can without getting nervous after taking advantage of a pass from Ramazani beating Marc Martínez with a cross shot. It was 0-3 before the break, canceled for offside. He also 'took' David Andújar a yellow, created holes for Ramazani and Lazo, downloaded the game of his own ... Sublime.


De la Hoz. He was positioned as a positional midfielder to replace Samu giving temper in the final minutes.

Robles. The subsidiary player entered without warming up ahead of other heavyweights. Not out of tune.

Gate. With hardly any time, he positioned himself as a right-handed winger.

Puigmal. He jumped to the green in the discount to further time the game.

Appiah. With no time to show himself, he can fit in positively in those quick transitions at Almería.


Rubi. He got an eleven with surprises, especially on the defensive line. True to his 1-4-1-4-1, he ordered his team to press up. His team knew how to manage the last 20 minutes so that Cartagena did not get into the game, showing, yes, that the Vilasarense was not wrong when asking for experience and reinforcements for the rear. He has another challenge ahead: 'play' with the professional chips, since Samu (the '22' last year), Puigmal, Appiah and Ramazani have them with the subsidiary, in Third RFEF.

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