Aldeguer, European Moto2 champion at the stroke of a record

The Boscoscuro rider is the youngest in history to win the premier class of the FIM CEV. At 16 he has nine out of ten wins.


Subtracts an appointment from the FIM CEV Repsol in Valencia, but Fermín Aldeguer will no longer need it. The Spaniard will arrive at the last race in November as the brand new Moto2 European champion. And not only that, he will do it with a record included: being the youngest rider in history to win the title of the premier category of the competition, at only 16 years old. The Boscoscuro rider can already sign a practically perfect season, being an unbeatable rival in his category.

Y is that the Murcia has signed this season nine victories of the ten possible so far. He has just resisted the race that gave him the title, with his teammate, Alonso López, taking the award in the second race of the day this Sunday, at the Jerez Circuit. It did not matter to Aldeguer because, after his victory in the first race of the weekend the same day in the morning, he only needed one more point to be champion.

Still, he tried until the last corner, showing why he was about to make class history. The Murcian driver had been studying his boxing partner for many laps. They got to touch with two laps to go and, in a last desperate attempt, he stuck to Alonso's wheel, looking for the gap at turn 13 to fight for the tenth in a row.

Upon arrival at the curve Jorge Lorenzo, tried to pass his teammate who, aware of what Aldeguer was going to do, managed to close the door in the most perfect way possible, even elegantly, showing him the great experience he has in this sport, in part, after passing through the MotoGP World Championship (in lower categories). This served to prevent him from achieving full victories in the category.

Nor did it matter much to Aldeguer, who entered the finish line with his arms raised, celebrating his title of European champion and regardless of the number of victories he has accumulated throughout the season. Now his future is already presented with a new goal for 2022: the Moto2 World Championship awaits him as champion.

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