Acosta and García play it from the back of the grid

None of the first two in the general standings, separated by 41 points, passed the cutoff in Q1 and will start 22nd and 24th. Pole for Fenati.


The pole for the Moto3 British GP went to Romano Fenati, but many of the eyes at the start of tomorrow's race will be on the back of the grid. Up to the eighth row specifically. And it is that from that delayed line the first two of the general will start in Silverstone, because neither Pedro Acosta nor Sergio García were able to pass the cut of Q1 and were relegated to 22nd and 24th place, respectively.

The difference between the two in the championship is 41 points and the third in contention, Fenati, in principle is not scary because he travels 89 points away so not even this bad qualification should jeopardize another Spanish title. In addition, listening to the Tiburon de Mazarrón after getting off the KTM, one calms down even more, because even going so far back does not get nervous. "Clear ideas to come back quickly. Here it will not be very difficult to come back and in four or five laps we will be in the group. So let's enjoy," says the same driver who was able to win in Qatar 2 starting from the pit lane. And when asked from Dazn if he quickly asked for García's position when he arrived at the box, he joked: "The safety car is close. We left more or less the same." And he laughed, because he does not stop enjoying his huge debut season in the World Cup, whatever the result he does.

García has a more serious profile, but that doesn't mean you have to love him less. His season is turning out very good, he is going from less to more and, had it not been for the crash he suffered in the middle of Q1, at Turn 16, he would surely have qualified later. We must also expect a good comeback from him, because he should also have Acosta's reference to the head.

Regarding the fight for pole position, Fenati spent the whole batch trying to ride alone, without anyone taking the wheel. That led him to stay with just one good attempt, an all or nothing, and beat Gabriel Rodrigo by 43 thousandths, who boarded him from the Q1 play-off. As for the Italian, who is one of those who rides the lenticular rim on the rear wheel of his Husqvarna, he has led all the sessions of the weekend so far and has earned the qualification of driver to beat at Silverstone.

A Fenati will be accompanied in the front row by Rodrigo and Ricardo Rossi. The second, for Migno, Antonelli and Salac. The third, for Alcoba, Foggia and Öncü. The fourth, for Masiá, Guevara and Nepa. The fifth, for Suzuki, Tatay and McPhee. And the sixth, for Binder, Sasaki and Fellon. Further back will be the aforementioned Acosta and García, as well as Artigas (23rd) .

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