"For a weekend when we are doing well in the dry, it rains"

Alonso was 14th, "uncomfortable" with the Alpine and out in Q2. He hardly had time to start his last lap and that punished the intermediate tires.


An uncomfortable Saturday for Fernando Alonso, as he commented to this newspaper after speaking with television with rights, on his way to the Alpine hospitality. The starting lap in Q2 was not good, he ran out of time to start qualifying and had to wear the tires excessively. "Although he was still 14th, it doesn't change much," admits the two-time Spanish champion. They bet on an intermediate set-up and the teams that played everything in extreme rain, like Williams, came out clearly winning. In any case, the car did not stand out and that could be a problem this Sunday, under the same conditions but already in the race.

"I had to pull a lot on the starting lap, I damaged it going full and I didn't have all the grip. I wasn't comfortable either in Q1, I did 14th in Q1 and 14th in Q2. I did all the qualifying like that, no competitive, and we will have to improve for the next time ", recognized before in the television. "In the dry we are much better. For a weekend that we are doing well in the dry and it is the first that rains in the whole year. If it rains in the race it will be difficult, if it is dry we can go back and reach the points. From the 14th they remain four positions, let's see if we get them ".

About Lando Norris' accident: "It is a difficult corner, of course, but the biggest difficulty is how much the track changes from lap to lap. Time does not stop for a minute, it is sunny or it rains torrentially, in each lap there are conditions different. If you catch more, welcome, sometimes you take advantage of it, but if you catch less or there is 'aquaplaning' you get a scare. It's part of the game ".

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