A photo of Haaland triggers rumors about his future

The Norwegian forward has uploaded to his social networks a photograph uploaded to a plane and under the phrase "have a good day", in the middle of a possible transfer.


The transfer market does not give truce. After the transfers of Messi and Cristiano to PSG and Manchester United, and in the middle of the soap opera Mbappé, the great proper name that remains to be resolved is Haaland. The Norwegian forward has been involved in various rumors about his future, especially related to Paris Saint-Germain due to the close departure of Kylian Mbappé. However, the issues surrounding this handover make it complicated.

In the midst of all the rumors, Erling Haaland has shared a photograph that has shot them even more. The Borussia Dortmund striker has uploaded a snapshot to his social networks in which he is seen on a private plane accompanied by the phrase "have a nice day." Despite the fact that everything indicates that it is a trip to Norway to take advantage of his days off, the unknown posed by his future has been increased.

Haaland's desire is to stay at Dortmund, but everything could change, even more so seeing the twists and turns that this exciting transfer market is taking. Therefore, there are 3 days left to clear the future of the fashion forward and one of the greatest wishes of the great European clubs.

Photos from as.com

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