A groundbreaking t-shirt for the return of the 'basketball vice'

Black and white continue to be the protagonists, but blue and purple in electric tones have been incorporated for this 'Bilbao Vice city edition'.


Bilbao Basket has been striving in recent times to give a twist to the design on its t-shirts, with a very modern touch and always with details linked to the city of the Guggenheim and the province of Bizkaia. And this time it has returned to give a twist, to celebrate the return of the people to Miribilla, although at the moment in capacity not complete far from it. After an atypical season, they cling to the fact that 'Basketball vice returns to Bilbao'. "A vice of ours that we wanted to reflect in a kit that, incorporating new colors and shapes, perfectly reflects our way of feeling and our desire to live. We want to look to the future without losing sight of tradition," they maintain from the entity .

Black and white continue to be the protagonists, but blue and purple in electric tones have been incorporated for this Bilbao Vice city edition. Color is the protagonist along with some very characteristic symbols that the entity chaired by Isabel Iturbe details as follows:

La carolina: Basketball is our vice. Food is another great vice of the people of Bilbao. Carolina represents that love for our gastronomic tradition. A pleasure that will never be guilty.

The Carola crane: The Carola crane represents a look at the industrial past of Bizkaia. A crane that by color and size could well represent the first pivots of the team. A symbol of Bilbao.

El eguzkilore: Represents our love for nature, so linked to mythology in our land. Several generations maintain the tradition of placing one on the door to drive away evil spirits from homes. This year it will also be present in our skin.

The Bilbao tile: Represents our origin and our humility. Always work with your feet on the ground.

The Bilbao coat of arms: It represents our passion for this city, its people and its representatives. A city that has always been behind pushing in order to reach our goal.

The wave of Mundaka: Represents our love for the coast and what we want to be. A sport in contact with nature that advances towards sustainability.

The oak leaf: Represents our love for the environment. Bilbao is our headquarters, but Bizkaia is our heart. The other great B of Bilbao Basket.

The tree of Gernika: Represents our respect for freedoms and our affection for a people also committed to basketball thanks to our sisters from Lointek Gernika.

Gone are the times of a black shirt without other details that would break that uniformity. The spot about this outfit has been shot with neon lights and an almost futuristic atmosphere. The jersey will begin its pre-sale today, August 27. This limited period will run until next Friday, September 3. The jerseys will be coming home on September 20.

The 2021-22 jersey has been produced by Hummel for the third consecutive season on a Bilbao Basket design. The kit has BECOOL fabric, developed in multifilament fiber with a honeycomb structure that increases the resistance of the garment, its breathability and comfort. BECOOL fabric with its durable hydrophilic finish allows for moisture management, body temperature regulation and antistatic removal. In addition, the branches of the fibers are reduced to make the garment as light as possible and improve the performance of the player.

In sports, the Valle de Egüés recovers basketball with the match that Bilbao Basket and Casademont Zaragoza will play on September 4 from 7:00 p.m. in Sarriguren and that will serve to start the acts of the 75th anniversary of the Navarra Basketball Federation. Lovers of the sport of the basket will gather at the Maristas Sports Center. This will be the first of several planned events. In this sense, the president of the FNB, Pablo Bretos has expressed his desire that every month there is "an activity with both basketball and social impact", taking into account "all sectors" of this sport and being able to organize all these to throughout all of Navarra.

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