5 keys and a galactic offer

The arrival of Mbappé to Madrid before the transfer market closes is based on several issues. A final offensive is prepared for August 30.


The arrival of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid is considered a priority by the president of the white club, Florentino Pérez. And it will be consumed late (next season it would come free) or early (between now and August 31, closing of the transfer market). The white club plays several cards in this last scenario and prepares a final offensive that will intensify on August 30, two days after the market closes and when PSG has played its last match in Ligue 1 before the first national team break. season. Arrived on that day 30, Madrid is willing to present a great economic offer given that its good financial policy has achieved that there is money in the box. But PSG must agree to negotiate. That's the first key ...

1.- Negotiation

The good personal relations that Al-Khelaïfi and Florentino maintain allow an open line of negotiation to be maintained until the last market day (August 31) .

2.- La Ligue 1

PSG played last Friday in Brest and next Sunday, the 29th, they will do so in Reims. Madrid will not interfere until then so as not to harm the sporting interests of the Parisian club or the player himself.3.- Prudence

The white club advised Mbappé and his family to have a low profile in their public statements. Any angry response can be taken in Qatar as an affront. Let's not forget that PSG is a club-state.

.- Final offensive

If Al-Khelaïfi has not agreed to sit down to negotiate before, Madrid's great offensive would be on Monday 30th. The offer would be serious and worked, with a range that will go between 130 and 170 million euros. The club's healthy treasury would allow it to fully meet this expense.

5.- The player

Kylian has a very well furnished head and is not a kid who is easily pressured or influenced. Madrid are admired for their ability to resist in not renewing their contract despite the pressure they are receiving in Paris. Real Madrid awaits you.

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