4 cracks with departure date

Four high-paid players finish their contract next year and would release 76 million in salary bill. His departure will make room for possible signings.


Real Madrid has decided to change its transfer policy for the next few years. With the idea of increasing savings, they have chosen to find good options in the market for footballers who have just signed. Alaba is the first to arrive, but with a view to the coming year, the sports management has already set its sights on several objectives. Pogba, Goretzka or Rudiger could arrive for free (beyond a transfer bonus) next summer, so the white club is already working on convincing them. Money will only be spent on certain stars whose situation requires it, such as Mbappé (which could also arrive for free in 2022 if this market is not closed) or Haaland.

However, to carry out this, a salary mass must be released to make room for new signings. By coming for free and there is great competition for their services, they usually request a very high salary, understanding that part of the club's savings must correspond in this regard. This is not a problem for Madrid, which has followed a very successful policy of improving contracts and salaries in general in recent years, which has allowed it, for example, to offer Alaba a salary of 11 million euros per season.

As if that were not enough, the white club will see how three of its highest paid players finish their contract next year. They are Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Isco. All of them seem destined to leave in 2022 even though the club preferred that they leave this summer. The Welshman is still one of the highest chips in the squad: he earns 15 million net (30 gross) per season. The Brazilian earns eight million (16 gross), while the Malaga, seven (14 gross). In total, Madrid spends 60 million euros between the three.

To all of them should be added the case of Modric, who also ends his relationship with Madrid but whose continuity is unknown since, if he returns to perform as he did last season, the club would choose to renew him for another year. In the event that either of the two, club or player, decide to separate their paths, another 16 million euros of wage bill would be released.

This new strategy, born from the need to alleviate the treasury due to the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus, aims to continue in the coming years. The Chamartín club is immersed in the great investment involved in the remodeling of the Bernabéu and, until the situation is normalized, no crazy things will be done. It is hoped that with the return of people to the stadiums and the recovery of commercial contracts, it will be possible to go back to the market with more guarantees.

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