36 hours to close at least five deals

Real Valladolid works, at least, on the incorporation of two footballers and on the departure of three before the market closes.


The tense calm experienced for weeks in the market has turned into agitation in recent days, leaving Real Valladolid key to the need to close at least five operations in the 36 hours remaining until the closing of the trading window. That is the intention of the sports management: at a minimum, remove Roberto Corral, Fabián Orellana and Sergi Guardiola and sign Iván Alejo and a forward, Sergio León being the favorite.With this scenario of minimums, and with an eventual registration of Hugo Vallejo in the Promises, the 25 trading chips would be covered, although the frantic pace of the market does not rule out that more movements may occur. Not surprisingly, although his environment attributes it to the cold he had during the week, Bruno's non-citation could be a sign, while the negotiations with Elche for Óscar Plano are still open.The peremptory ones are those entrenched for weeks, the end of the contract of Corral, Orellana and Guardiola. The youth squad is not registered and his situation is clear from the beginning, the same as that of the Chilean, who rushed his options in Europe but points to Chile, where his high demands complicate things, and that of the Balearic, who was the object of interest of several 'firsts' and yet it has not finished coming out.

Although all of them have been working under Pacheta's orders, the coach made it clear that he does not have them in the previous match against Lugo. Although the one from Salas de los Infantes was more supportive weeks ago of managing a shorter squad, of 21 or 22 players, the reduction of this figure will be given in these first months of the season by the recoveries of Carnero and Kike Pérez, still among cottons.

Y is that the intention to add cash is clear, at least two, which could be more in case the market goes crazy and causes some less thought out exit. In this way, and except for surprise, Iván Alejo will be a Real Valladolid player, after yesterday's acceleration in the negotiations, which are still ongoing, while the idea is for another 'nine' to arrive, possibly Sergio León, a interest that Levante knows from the mouth of Fran Sánchez.

These two are the folders that preside over the table, but not the only ones open, since other options such as Mollejo's continue to be on the table, which would depend on how frantic the market becomes in recent hours. The proof of the acquired rhythm are the arrivals of Cristo González and Hugo Vallejo and the departures of Marcos André, Sergio Benito, Víctor García, Kuki Zalazar, Sekou Gassama and Moi Delgado.

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