3 perfect maneuvers to hold on to with Mbappé

The signing of the French striker is reminiscent of Ronaldo in 2002. The arrival of Ramos and Bale is also reminiscent of this case.


What happened with Kylian Mbappé (22 years old) goes back in time in the signing of another galactic by Real Madrid. It happened on August 31, 2002: that day, the white team ensured the arrival of Ronaldo Nazario, world champion with the Brazilian team that same year and third galactic who landed at the Santiago Bernabéu to the delight of the white fans. His signing is similar to that of the French in Madrid's fight to take over the Brazilian player. Then, the whites fought to close their arrival, while Inter tried to avoid their departure. These two protagonists were joined by a third actor, Barcelona, although his main mission was to torpedo the arrival of the forward to the white ranks.

The negotiation started after the World Cup in Korea and Japan. Brazil had been proclaimed world champion with a stellar Ronaldo who had forgotten the two serious injuries that had hampered his career at Calcium. Ronaldo used his bad relationship with Argentine coach Héctor Cúper as the main argument. He explained that he was tremendously defensive and that he did not know how to exploit all his qualities and virtues. Both teams began the negotiation before Barcelona appeared demanding clauses of the transfer of the Brazilian in 1997: their intention was to blow up the operation. After a month of tug of war (the white team even issued a statement in which they closed the operation a week before the signing took place), the last day of negotiations resulted from an unusual tension.

At 10 in the morning of August 31, an agreement that satisfied all three parties began to filter: Madrid paid 35 million, plus another 10 in players (or in cash) payable in successive years (the play included Morientes - transferred by the whites to Inter, who would sell Barcelona for about 25 million-, plus another player to choose between Flavio and Munitis, who Inter would choose before December, where he would arrive in the winter market). Two hours later, Ronaldo arrived at the Inter headquarters to say goodbye to managers and colleagues. But everything would go wrong around 2:00 p.m. Barcelona began to underestimate Morientes: they began to lower their valuation to about 18 million. To that was added that Inter could not close the signing of Crespo as a replacement for the Brazilian. Everything seemed lost ... until 11 at night.

At that time, Barcelona withdrew from the bid to sign Morientes. His teammates, who had been proclaimed champions of the Super Cup by defeating Feyenoord, refused to move the ram, which left the operation in the air. A call from Florentino Pérez to Moratti, his namesake at Inter, triggered the signing: Madrid paid 35 million plus another 10 in December, Morientes would stay one more season in white and Ronaldo would wear white ... 444 444

But Ronaldo would not be the only player who would arrive in the final stretch of the transfer market. Without going any further, Sergio Ramos, current PSG player, arrived at the Whites on the last day of the 2005 market. It was then explained that the Whites had deposited the contract termination clause to sign for the Madridistas. Later it became known that it was a pact between the two presidents. Gareth Bale also arrived on the last market day. The Welsh winger came from Tottenham, to which Madrid paid just over 100 million euros for his transfer. Today there could be another signing in extremis of the whites ...

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