Ziganda experiments with the 4-3-3

The Navarrese seems willing in the first sessions of the preseason to try a less common scheme in his time at Oviedo


There is still a lot of fabric to cut, regarding the work in El Requexón and in the offices, but José Ángel Ziganda is giving the first touches of what Oviedo is going to be this season. Apparently in the first sessions, the coach seems determined to give the team more prominence with the ball than he had in recent seasons.

El Cuco is still waiting for the arrival of more troops to join the group that has been working under its command in El Requexón since the 7th. In these first tests, the coach has captured a 4-3-3 system on the pitch, which has not been very common since he arrived at Oviedo two seasons ago.

The final choice of the system will depend, however, on the players that Rubén Reyes manages to sign from the sports management. The Spaniard has managed to sign Pierre Cornud for the left-back for the moment, David Costas as the leader in defense and Matheus as a reference above and hurries for Luismi for the center of the field. Ziganda is waiting for more pieces to consolidate her idea.

Photos from as.com

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