Yes to Godín, no to Diego Costa

The former Atlético captain did not hide that he received an offer and Cagliari has asked him for a salary cut. Meanwhile, the Spanish-Brazilian, does not lower his pretensions and the Turkish club is getting tired.


Besiktaş will represent Turkey in the Champions League and are therefore looking for an experienced center-back to compete well in this competition. As AS learned, the first option for the Turkish club is Diego Godín.

The former Atlético captain did not hide that he received an offer from a Turkish and Russian club. Cagliari is asking for a salary cut to those who earn the most in the team. One of them is the Uruguayan who if he does not want to accept the salary cut can separate the way with the Italian club and could be a free player despite having a two-year contract left. The Uruguayan charges three million in Italy.

Besiktas may present you less than this figure, but offers you a three-year contract, one of these three years is optional. In other words, Diego Godín, 35, can earn more in the long run. Negotiations will move forward next week.

And Diego Costa?

The Besiktas board is tired because the negotiations that do not reach an agreement due to the request of the Hispano-Brazilian. Costa does not give up on asking for three million euros a year and three more for a signing price for a three-year contract.In addition, his priority is Benfica. Costa prefers to play in Portugal again because of the language because it is a country known to him. But the new president of Benfica, Rui Costa prefers a forward who has played since last season.

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