Yamaha waits for Rossi, again

Razali, Petronas' main team, acknowledges that he is negotiating the Italian's future, although he is in no rush to define his line-up for 2022.


Not even the fact that he is going through the most difficult moment of his career has taken away Valentino Rossi's power, at least within Yamaha. After nine titles and having marked an era in the World Cup, there are privileges that the Italian has not lost and among them is the power to decide what he wants his future to be within a championship in which he has been his greatest representative in more than one occasion. It is true that now he is not among the most charismatic drivers on the grid, Quartararo or Márquez among others have taken away that privilege, but the phenomenon that surrounds El Doctor goes far beyond results that do not accompany him.

It is often said that in the world of competition you are worth what your last race says about you, and if we stick with that result, Valentino would go home. The Italian went to the ground in Assen, one of his most successful scenarios in his career, but also signed with that fall the third zero of a season (he also failed in Portimao and Montmeló), where his best position so far has been a simple tenth in Mugello. And almost giving thanks. But as there are always exceptions, the measuring stick of The Doctor does not meet the general pattern of the sport and Petronas continues to have patience towards a pilot that many see saying goodbye at the end of the season ... if not even earlier.

While Rossi takes advantage of the summer holidays to decide his future, from the team they are still waiting "to know the decision of Valentino and Yamaha about next year". Razali, Petronas main team, acknowledges that they are in talks with the factory and a pilot, who in case of not continuing, would not make a break within the team: “We have received interest from many pilots and even some who are currently out of MotoGP to come ”. The M1, which leads the World Championship and is considered the most complete on the current grid, does not miss any suitors and that condition has established calm within a garage that is in no hurry to announce its line-up for 2022: “ There will be no news until after the next two races (the double in Austria). ”

Valentino's goodbye, which could come even earlier than expected after the Italian's latest statements, would not have to mean a withdrawal. The Yamaha team will have a team starting next year in the maximum displacement with Ducati, and although it would not be unreasonable to see him compete in his own structure, the truth is that the competitiveness of The Doctor is no longer the same that he enjoyed about the asphalt. Although his future will almost certainly continue to be linked to the World Cup, starting next season it could be with a completely different role from the one he has played so far and perhaps the best thing to do. Because sometimes a withdrawal on time is a victory.

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