"I was the one who failed with Tito"

Mourinho has been sincere in the book Stay crazy and hungry: "I have been a victim of myself; I told Cristiano that 2-0 was not the same as 2-1 and he did not like it."


José Mourinho has started his second adventure in Italy. The Portuguese coach has taken over a depressed Rome to try to take it to the positions of honor in Italy. The arrival of the technician to the city last Friday was an event. It was received by more than 1000 fans. Mou has gone to work, but before that a publication has appeared, a book, in which he is sincere. The coach has spoken with João Gabriel in Stay crazy and hungry and has not left anyone indifferent. Read the most thoughtful and humane Mourinho.

To begin with, acknowledge your mistakes. A famous one is that incident with Tito Vilanova in a Classic in which, in the middle of a tangana, the Portuguese put his finger in the eye of Guardiola's then assistant. "I was the one who failed, I shouldn't have done what I did. Of course not, the negative image stays forever. Tito had nothing to do with that. I feel sorry for him," he says remorsefully. Mourinho also stops at the Special One label, endorsed by its successes, something that later took its toll when things didn't go so well.

"I've been a bit of a victim of myself. If I could, it would be one of the things I would not repeat. I won, won and won. I got into a dynamic where not winning seemed like the end of the world." he says to João Gabriel. "I myself, because of my personality, promoted this a bit, that everything is always to win, win or win. When it came to situations where it was very difficult to do it, something that for other coaches was something acceptable, for me it was always considered insufficient, a failure, "he says.

Mourinho also acknowledges some difficulty in his relationship with the players and points out an anecdote with Cristiano Ronaldo. "I have a problem with self-centered footballers, those who put personal goals before team goals. This complicates work," he says. Mourinho points to an episode with Cristiano in 2013 at Real Madrid. "We were in the last minute of a match with Valencia. We were coming off two consecutive draws, but we won that match 2-0. Ronaldo lost the ball after trying to dribble Joao Pereira and Valencia almost scored. I told him after two draws was different to win 2-0 to 2-1. He did not like what I said, but it was nothing special, "he sums up.

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