Was the Hamilton sanction enough?

The seven-time world champion won with a spectacular comeback at Silverstone after serving a ten-second penalty for sending Verstappen to hospital.


The British GP, which on Saturday already served a delicious aperitif on the table with the sprint race, continued to provide emotions in Sunday's stellar competition, which produced a mixture of admiration for the sporting feat, that was, of Lewis Hamilton, and of contradiction by the controversial accident that left Max Verstappen out of action in the first hauls, a vibrant all-or-nothing pulse that lasted only eight corners. Verstappen entered the duel as leader of the World Cup, with five victories against three of the British and, to the greater pain of the rival, with the pole and with the victory in the F1 Sprint, in front of the Silverstone crowd. For the seven-time champion Hamilton, who had not celebrated a victory since May 9 in Montmeló, it was too dishonorable an affront that he was not willing to allow. That is why none of them gave ground. It is what is expected, by the way, of two pilots of his stature. And the thing ended as it was guessed, with a tremendous collision at 51G of force that left the Dutchman worse off, which ended up in Donnington Hospital, while the Briton could resume the race.

This is where the mess is generated and where reasonable doubt arises. The accident was the responsibility of both, well, but if we stick to the decision of the jury, which punished Mercedes with ten seconds, the Englishman had been more at fault. Otherwise, he would not have received a sanction. The reflection must be made on the words of Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, who of course is not objective in this matter, but puts his finger on the wound: “Sending a pilot to the hospital with a penalty that allows you to win the race, it doesn't seem like a penalty ”. The phrase gives food for thought. In any case, that was the arbitration decision, the regulations were applied, the offender paid his sentence ... And then he made a spectacular comeback, with which he remembered who the current champion is and why.

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