Vigaray does not suffer any serious injury

The right-back, to whom the prestigious traumatologist Pedro Guillén has performed a diagnostic arthroscopy today, will be absent for a month.


Real Zaragoza defender Carlos Martín Vigaray has been successfully operated on, through a diagnostic arthroscopy at the Cemtro Clinic in Madrid, of his discomfort in his right knee, not finding any major injury so he will only be out for a month. The operation, which was carried out early in the morning, was carried out by Dr. Pedro Guillén, under the supervision of the head of the Aragonese club's medical services, Dr. Ireneo de Los Mártires.

The intervention was necessary as the discomfort in the player's joint had not remitted, after the conservative treatment that was applied since the final stretch of last season.

Vigaray ended with discomfort last season and the reason for this arthroscopy was to obtain a clear diagnosis about his knee ailment. It should be remembered that the Madrid full-back was out for nine months between the end of 2017 and the 18-19 preseason when he played for Alavés due to bone edema in the same knee.

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