Uncertainty in Spain for Sunday's game with the USA

Bradley Beal's confirmed absence from the Games and Jerami Grant's isolation have raised doubts among members of the National Team.


The loss of Bradley Beal and the isolation of Jerami Grant have generated a lot of uncertainty around the friendlies that are being played in Las Vegas and that include teams such as Argentina, Nigeria, Australia and Spain. Some sources assured this Thursday that there was a real possibility that the friendly United States-Australia, scheduled for this Friday, would be suspended. And, logically, this has been the case. Boomers fear being a victim of contagion.

But the problem could extend to the game that is planned between the United States and Spain this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. (local time). For now, it's just a way to get on your guard. Also for everyday life in Las Vegas, a city that, except at the airport, moves without restrictions. The population can already go without a mask outdoors and indoors. An image that impresses those who have been used to the vicissitudes of the pandemic. You have to wait and see how Thursday ends in Las Vegas and starts on Friday in the city to see if the game can take any kind of risk. With just ten days before everything starts in Japan, the players are on the ball.

The American federation, USA Basketball, showed this Thursday night in Las Vegas its maximum commitment to the game being played, but it is true that it depends on how the PCRs evolve their players.

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