Tottenham give in: agree to sell Kane for 190 million

Daniel Levy would have yielded, according to 'The Sun', and will allow his star to go to Manchester City. The salary will be greater than 24 million euros per year.

The summer is full of soap operas and Harry's, which began the moment he asked to leave Tottenham, could be entering its final chapters. The lack of titles and an exciting project that ventures triumphs in the near future, made Captain Spur say 'enough' at 27 years old. He found a not very receptive Daniel Levy, as is usual in these cases, on the other hand, who would not make his departure a path of roses. However, last Friday, President Hotspur communicated to both Harry and his brother, and agent, Charlie, that he changed his mind.

The English newspaper The Sun is the one who highlights this 180º turn to the situation. Euphoric, Kane communicated this to his inner circle, since they received the call from Levy while he was at Charlie's wedding. Of course, the Spurs boss has yielded, but not at any price, because he agrees to say goodbye to his star, always according to information from the aforementioned media, in exchange for the 190 million euros that Manchester City puts on the table.

An amount that would make Kane the second most expensive signing in history, behind Neymar (222 million from PSG to Barça) and ahead of Mbappé (180 to Monaco). In terms of salary, it will also be a tripping operation, since the contract that the Walthamstow will sign with the citizens will be for four or five years, in exchange for just over 24 million euros per season. By the way, becoming the highest paid footballer in the Premier League, ahead of David de Gea and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Kevin de Bruyne.

In this way, the movement unravels and does so in good manners, something that greatly pleases a Kane who did not want to leave Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with the crooked gesture. "Harry and Charlie received the call at the end of last week. Obviously Harry was delighted, because he never wanted to leave the Spurs, his beloved childhood club, on bad terms," confesses a source consulted by The Sun.

A profitable wait for Tottenham

It has not been easy, transfers with Daniel Levy on the other side of the table never are. In fact, the same source highlights the businessman's negotiating capacity: "Daniel Levy is an astute negotiator and after the goals and the great performance of Harry Kane in the Eurocup, his value has never been so high. He has probably managed to get about 25 million of euros more to the operation to wait until now ".

Now it is time to take the next steps for the operation to crystallize, because "the contract with City has not yet been signed", as the knowledge of the situation adds well. "The personal terms are already agreed provisionally and it is an incredible deal. Now you just have to cross out pending tasks," he concludes. Thus, Guardiola will finally have his long-awaited '9', which is also a two-for-one, since Kane has a great associative capacity that fits perfectly into the schemes with mobile forwards that Santpedor likes so much.

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