This Odegaard is another

Ancelotti had him with 16 years and now he receives a footballer made. England has polished him and he is the second that creates more chances to score. Their numbers are exciting.


Not technically a signing, but it looks like one. The Martin Odegaard that Carlo Ancelotti met on July 5 at the beginning of the white preseason hardly resembles the Odegaard that Carletto met in 2015 in the blonde bangs. The Norwegian has evolved into a true footballer and those adolescent flourishes now generate real play. Not only has he appeared in Valdebebas among the first in the results in the initial physical tests of the squad, his time in the Premier has finished shaping his skills. In a Madrid that seeks a goal even under the stones, the Nordic is the second offensive footballer of the current white squad that generates more chances to score, only surpassed by Kroos. Odegaard is another engine for the Madrid plane.

With the top twelve attacking players under contract, including Brahim, despite the fact that his transfer to Milan is practically a given, the only one who can overshadow that role as chance generator is Kroos. The Teuton creates one every 31 minutes of play, while the Norwegian does it every 43 minutes (counting his numbers in the League and the Premier last season). Some features that improve those of other catalysts such as Modric and Isco and leave far behind footballers who attack from the wings such as Asensio, Vinicius and Rodrygo. Also in England he has shown a percentage of success in dribbling (76%) with Arsenal that in Madrid only improves, precisely, also Kroos (84%). Far ahead of specialists like Hazard (56%) and Vinicius (41%). Also a demonstration of ease. Odegaard completed 13 dribbles in his 866 minutes as a gunner footballer, while at Madrid in 232 'he barely attempted a dribble. Clear sign that he was playing stiff.

A growth in which the psychological effect is essential. Odegaard has long claimed blind faith from his coaches. It happened to him at the Dutch Vitesse, where his football clicked after an unproductive assignment at the Heerenveeen and then with Imanol Alguacil at the 2018-19 Real Sociedad, something that Mikel Arteta also showed him in the Gunners ("With him there is only you have to open your ears and learn, "said the Norwegian of the Arsenal manager a few months ago) from the start. In England he went from less to more, he won over the Arsenal fans with his goal against Tottenham in the derby (2-1) against Tottenham in March and finished the Premier with two assists in the last two days of the gun team.

With Arsenal insisting on keeping him again for this next season, Madrid told Odegaard that they were waiting for him in Valdebebas. That is why Odegaard is left thinking about what he is going to play. It is up to Ancelotti to reconcile that desire, which generated the young Norwegian's impatience with Zidane to the point of asking to leave on loan, with minutes of play. The veterans of the squad already appreciated the evolutionary leap in the past preseason.

When Odegaard trained with the first team from 2015 to 2017, the consensus in first team circles is that the boy had an innate talent "but he was very green." That has changed and Ancelotti himself is checking it. Odegaard has added characteristics of English football, especially speed transitions, to his football palette. Madrid need it.

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