The war of '9', attractive for Leganés' late debut in summer

The pepineros debut in preseason against Rayo Majadahonda. With hardly any new faces, the Manu-Diego youth struggle, the main attraction.


Leganés opens in preseason. It will be late. Pandemic stuff. The debut this summer should have come last Saturday, against Talavera in Talavera. A classic of Garitano preparations. It was stopped for "sanitary precaution" after four positives among the pepineros. Today, except for medical surprises (that everything is possible), there will be a meeting. At 19:00 at ID Butarque and against Rayo Majadahonda.

A clash with hardly any new faces (three signings), with a lot of youth squad (up to nine are exercising with Garitano) and the certainty that, whatever comes out, will be very far from the Leganés that is expected to be seen for the first day against the Real B in San Sebastián.

Waiting for reinforcements

By then the club hopes to have tied one of the five signings that are being probed. Namely: goalkeeper, wingers (two) and forwards (two). More may than some surprise. Much to do. "You have to be patient," claimed yesterday Txema Indias, sports director, aware of the buzz of nervousness that runs through Butarque. “It's normal, but if it is difficult for the top teams, imagine us. We prefer to go one step at a time, but safe, "he added.

No. This Leganés should not look much like the one who later plays in the League. First, for the absences. COVID aside, it remains to be seen if for this meeting Quintillà, Arnáiz or Tarín will be able to play, footballers who have been removed from some of the last sessions due to physical problems. The youth squad Félix Ofoly Quaye and Sabin Merino have also played.

The struggle of '9'

The latter, by the way, is making the news because in training sessions he does not act as a center forward, the position in which he feels most comfortable, but as a left winger. The absences on the flanks have made the coaching staff reformulate its position and that opens doors in the struggle to be battering rams of the first team to the returned Manu Garrido (returns after transfer to Hercules) and the rising Diego García (top scorer of the filia in the promotion from last year) .

Among them they will maintain a healthy struggle for the goal that surely represents the most relevant of this duel. How they play, their goals, their performance could depend on convincing Garitano to stay. It is difficult, but it is not impossible.The premiere of Doukouré

There could also be news in various positions. For example, to see Javi Hernández again on the left-handed side and not in the center. Or Bustinza going the opposite way: from side to center. The captain will also be in the news because, if he plays (and is fit to do so) he will return after having been KO since April due to a tendon tear.

The potential debut of Doukouré as the only new face of the signings (Palencia was already last year) adds another attraction to a duel that can be seen live on the Leganés YouTube channel and that will have several old acquaintances on the enemy side . From Nereo Champagne, hero of the 'Pepinazo' cupbearer, to Raúl Sánchez, former youth squad player, at Rayo Majadahonda they will try to show off to make it difficult for the 'big one'.

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