The Strava data: Latour rules in Pré and Hindley, in Tignes

The Total-Energie rider has the best time on Strava in Pré, while the DSM rider has it on the final stage in Tignes. The Kruijswijk times also stand out.

The peloton ends their passage through the Alps with a demanding day in which they will not ascend to mythical alpine colossi but where they will have to face a demanding route with hard ports before facing the long final climb to Tignes.

The most demanding climb of this second alpine day will be the Col du Pré, Hors Categorie pass with its 12.6 kilometers at an average gradient of 7.7% that will crown at an altitude of 1,748 meters after climbing a difference of 1,009 meters. 8,155 athletes have dared this very hard climb with an average time of 1:14:24 at a speed of 10.08 km / h, while the professionals climb it in 45:20 at an average of 16.54 km / h .

Total-Energie rider Pierre Latour has the KOM or best time since June 9, 2018, on the sixth stage of the Dauphiné, with a time of 37:52 at a speed of 19.8 km / h, while the QOM or best female time is for the FAT user Femelle with a time of 52:47. It takes 5 efforts to be the Local Legend of the Col du Pré.

With hardly any rest after the Col du Pré, the cyclists will climb Cormet de Roselend, a second category pass with its 5.7 kilometers at 6.5% and whose summit they will reach an altitude of 1,968 meters after climbing a height difference of 373 meters. 25,462 athletes have ventured into this pass for a total of 34,110 attempts with a time of 36:57 at an average of 12.56 km / h, while the professionals climb it in 23:01 at an average of 20.16 km /h.

The Ineos cyclist Michal Kwiatkowski has the KOM or best men's time on the climb since July 18, 2018, in the eleventh stage of the Tour that year, with a time of 17:25 at an average of 26.6 km / h, while the cyclist Emma Pooley has the QOM or best female time with a record of 22:55. It takes 8 efforts to be the Local Legend in Cormet de Roselend.

As a culmination, the peloton will face the final climb to Tignes, a first-class port with its 21 kilometers of climb at an average 5.6% slope and which on Strava appears divided into two segments: from Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise to Les Brévières and from Les Brévieres to Lac de Tignes

The first part of the final ascent is up to Les Brevieres, with 11.19 kilometers at 5.5%. 8,791 athletes have dared to climb for a total of 11,716 attempts completed in a time of 54:52 at an average of 12.24 km / h, while professionals climb it in 37:02 to an average of 18.14 km / h. The Jumbo-Visma cyclist Steven Kruijswijk has the KOM since last June 14 with a time of 27:39 at an average of 24.3 km / h, while the cyclist Maëlle Grossetête has the QOM or best female time with a 39:26 mark. It takes 15 efforts to be a Local Legend in this first section of Tignes

The second part of the climb is to Lac de Tignes, with a 7.45 kilometer climb at 6.3% to 2,076 meters. 1,219 athletes have dared with this part of the climb that they have completed in 2,533 attempts in a time of 37:53 to 11.8 km / h, while the professionals climb it in 28:41 at an average of 15.59 km / h. The DSM cyclist Jai Hindley has the best time since August 25, 2016, in the Tour del Porvenir, with a time of 20:54 at an average of 21.4 km / h, while the QOM or best women's time It's for Amy Twigge with a record of 30:09. It takes 12 efforts to be a Local Legend in the last kilometers of Tignes, which will end the ride through the Alps in the Tour de France 2021.

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