The 'B' side of the signing of Ramos

The official announcement of the signing of the defender by PSG has a direct impact on Madrid's intention to sign the world champion star.


The signing of Ramos has not been trivial for PSG even though it came at zero cost. The Paris entity has exploited its image with a galactic treatment. Since the operation became official on Thursday morning, the trickle of images and videos of the Spanish broadcast on their social networks has been constant. “A new diamond in Paris”, they christened the transfer, and its silhouette was superimposed on that of the Eiffel Tower itself. Ramos will have the contract he wanted, until 2023, maintaining the salary that Madrid gave him in his expired offer, 12 million net.

The former Madrid captain will be able to play his first minutes in the PSG shirt in the next two friendlies scheduled, on the 14th of this month against Mans and on the 17th against Chambly, both in the absence of confirmation. And he will make his official debut in the Super Cup that will play on August 1 against Lille.

The PSG released all kinds of images of Ramos on his first day, passing the medical examination, signing his contract, greeting his new coach, Pochettino, essential for the Parisian entity to launch for him, and an extensive photo session that from now on they will serve as an advertising claim on the official website and in the store located in the Parque de los Príncipes. One of the videos even uncovered an understandable goof from the defender, who mistook the Stade de France for the Parc des Princes during one of the car trips on which it was recorded.

But the signing of Ramos by PSG has a B-side that is very interesting for Madrid. And it is the indirect repercussion that it can have in the Mbappé case. It is evident that the (legal) use of Ramos as a great star that has made PSG has an image cost for Madrid. But the transfer of the player has been neat and there have been no underground movements. While it is true that PSG made a first approach to Ramos a few months ago (it could from January 1), it was not until after it was confirmed that the defender was not still in Madrid (actually, that was the moment when the one René offered it to PSG) when the operation was triggered.

Communicating vessels.

Madrid, for its part, has followed the same strategy with Mbappé. He has not wanted a confrontation, until now, with PSG, thinking that it is the best way for them to end up compromising with a negotiation this summer. The possibility of having hired Ramos, the white captain for 16 years and vital in the conquered white Champions, can have a direct impact on PSG softening up with Madrid and agreeing to negotiate for Mbappé.

The departure of Ramos has also helped to make room in Madrid's salary mass for the French star, if he has to arrive. Madrid needs to release even more ballast but, for now, it has already removed 24 million gross with the camero of the total of 448 million that it pays in salaries to the almost 800 workers it has on its payroll. In any case, even with 617 million revenue projected for the following season (they have fallen 30% due to the crisis derived from the coronavirus), Madrid still has room for maneuver.

The Salary Sport portal has recently published the salaries of PSG. If Ramos enters directly into the top of the Parisian squad with 12 million net, since only Neymar (52 after his last renewal), Mbappè (25), Marquinhos and Verratti (15 maca one) and Di María (almost 13 ), Madrid have to make an effort just to be able to match Mbappé what he charges at PSG. As of today, it is the 15 million net that Bale and Hazard receive their salary cap. But the Welshman (if he doesn't come out already) has only one season left. Mbappé has agreed to continue charging the same (and no more) in Madrid to fulfill his dream because, on the other hand, his advertising income will multiply.

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