The sheikh has an ace up his sleeve

Last year a beardless Sadiq landed to replace Darwin. Now Al-Sheikh is looking for another young man who sees Almería as a springboard, without sounding his name.


The position of center forward has historically been occupied in Almería by young battering rams who have made the Mediterranean a springboard for larger companies. The most recent case is that of Darwin Núñez, who transferred from Almería during the 19-20 year to jump from Montevideo to Lisbon, going from being acquired for just over five million euros by the Almeria club to the 24 that Benfica paid for their services one year later.

His 16 goals with the rojiblanca house served him to be one of the proper names of the last summer window of transfers, closing the operation the Indálica entity with a fine thread not seen before in these lands. His agent and Almería moved it in such a way that it sounded for half of Europe, closing the transfer in Lisbon and announcing it in front of a 'photocall' with the shields of both clubs, something that is not usual and that gave proof of how operation worked.

The replacement for the Uruguayan forward was Umar Sadiq, another young man who was in a minor league. That of Kaduna had barely sounded during the summer period despite the fact that Darwin Núñez's departure was sung. The Almería worked stealthily at its entrance. Al-Sheikh disbursed an amount close to six million euros, the figure being able to be catapulted up to nine depending on a series of variables, many of them not being fulfilled as they did not rise.

A score of goals in the league and two in the Cup (he made six in Serbia the same season before arriving at Almería) have served to live a 'déjà-vu': the Almería striker with numerous suitors and the option of being able to be the movement most expensive in Second Division history, breaking Darwin's own record. With four more years of contract (identical situation to that of the Uruguayan last summer), the UDA is in no hurry to close the operation, simmering. Nor in finding him a substitute, in the same script: young striker who sees Almería as a springboard while helping with his goals to achieve promotion to First, being able to get the Indálica entity a good economic cut within a year. And, unlike innings sung like those of Nieto, Puigmal or Curro Sánchez, the name of the ram does not sound.1,000 subscribers on the first day

Yesterday, Almería opened the subscription renewal campaign in person (on Monday they could be done online) and for now the response is being more than positive: more than a thousand cards have already been dispatched despite the price rise. Together with the card, the Indálica entity gives each member a scarf and a discount voucher in the official store to compensate for the matches that the subscribers could not witness in the 19-20 season.

The headquarters, located in the Mediterranean Games Stadium, is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., although it can also be renewed online. At the moment no new registrations are processed until there is confirmation of 100% capacity in the Stadium due to current sanitary measures.

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