The new distribution of numbers of Leganés gives clues about the exits

Mejías, Kravets and Aymane do not have a number assigned. Facu García keeps the 26 and the hope of convincing Garitano. There are changes of number.


In just 48 hours the Leganés of the 2021-2022 season will begin to walk and will do so with 19 full-fledged players in the first team, although some of them on the starting ramp. The provisional distribution of numbers that has been made official through the website gives clues as to which footballers are candidates to leave Butarque. Mejías, Kravets and Aymane are not, for the moment, in the distribution of numbers.

It is not news that his situation is different from the rest of his colleagues. In the case of Mejías, his main problem is in the form of an extra-community passport seasoned by an overbooking in the defense axis that, for example, has prevented Félix Ofoli Quaye, a promising Guinean center-back owned by the club, from doing preseason with the elders. Mejías' campaign at Malaga after his last loan has been positive, but the Venezuelan is still a foreigner in the eyes of the chip distribution and with only two places available in Second (one is for Gaku), the club is looking for accommodation in another possible loan.

Kravets and Sporting

Nor does it enter into the sporting plans of the Kravets club, only that in his case, the special conditions of the left-back invite some caution. Jonathan Silva, another of the inhabitants of the left-handed side, would like to go to the First Division, an option that Leganés does not rule out if the offer that Butarque arrives is economically interesting.

The Argentine's goodbye does not seem easy given that the objective is to recover a good part of the three million euros of investment that his signing cost, but it is not ruled out either. There is fear that Kravets will leave the Avenida de los Once Leones and shortly afterwards Silva could do so, something that would weaken a left-back that Javi Hernández can also occupy, although the Jerez-born has options to compete more as a center-back than as a lane.

In Asturias, El Comercio ruled this Monday that the agreement for Kravets to be a new Sporting footballer is close, but in Butarque for now they insist on prudence. However, the fact that the Ukrainian, on loan to Polish Lech Poznan last year, does not have a number invites us to think that the most feasible outcome will be his goodbye. Sooner or later. The third after Lugo and Poznan in less than three years. Signed in January 2019 for two million euros.

The third player without a number on the squad is Aymane Mourid. The midfielder, canterano and international with the inferiors of Morocco, signed in ownership last season until 2023 shortly before signing his loan by SCC Mohammedia, a team of the First Moroccan in which he competed last year. In his case, it would not be unreasonable for Leganés to seek a new loan for him. His position also has high competition (Gaku, Perea, Recio, Facu, Eraso ...) in addition to what is to come. Leganés is looking for a pivot to replace the most likely departure of Rubén Pérez.

The new numbers: Avilés, Recio, Javi Hernández ...

Thus, the other 16 players of the first team that for now appear in the official list provided by Leganés there are news in the distribution of the numbers. For example, Javi Hernández abandons the '28' to get the '20' that Ignasi Miquel wore last season. The change to a number between '2' and '25' was mandatory in the case of Jerez because he will stop playing with a sub-23 chip.Also striking is Javier Avilés, who has left the '14' with which he debuted on the first team numbers to take the '7' left by Brandon Thomas bacchante. Aviles, a youth winger, has his fetish number in this number, not only because of his position, but also because of his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. Curious: the attacker has already worn three numbers since he debuted in the first team. The '33', the '14' and now the '7'.

Among the returnees, José Recio, who played his first two seasons in Leganés with the '8' before leaving on loan to Eibar, will return to wear precisely the '14' that Avilés leaves free. The '8', therefore, will remain in the possession of Gaku Shibasaki. It also has a Facu García number. The young Argentine has been awarded the '26' (filial file) waiting to also solve his future, precisely conditioned, like Mejías, for being extra-community. In his case, there is hope that he can convince Garitano.

Finally, it is also striking that Asier Riesgo, the only goalkeeper at the moment, has decided to keep the number '13' with which he played last season. This will force that the other goalkeeper who signs Leganés to compete in his position, must show yes or yes the '1', since LaLiga forces to never keep this number that, in the last four seasons, Pichu Cuéllar wore .

This is the provisional list of Leganés numbers:

Unai Bustinza

4 Kenneth Omeruo

5 Jonathan Silva

6 Sergio González

7 Javier Avilés

8 Gaku Shibasaki

9 Sabin Merino

10 José Arnáiz

11 Juan Muñoz

13 Asier Riesgo

14 José Recio

15 Rodri Tarín

17 Javi Eraso

19 Luis Perea

20 Javi Hernández

26 Facu García

Without bib number - Vasyl Kravets

Without number - Josua Mejías

Without number - Aymane Mourid

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