The Mutua Madrid Open receives the sustainable management certificate

Madrid Trophy Promotion SL, organizer of the tournament, has obtained the ISO 20121 certificate, which guarantees the sustainable management of the Mutua Madrid Open and the Spanish Golf Open.


Madrid Trophy Promotion SL has obtained the ISO 20121 certificate that certifies the sustainable management of all its sporting events, the Mutua Madrid Open (tennis) and the Open de España (golf).With this certificate, obtained thanks to ACCIONA's consultancy, SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), a certifying company of recognized international prestige and a world leader in the sector, endorses the adoption of sustainability criteria throughout the life cycle of organized events by Madrid Trophy Promotion SL and its commitment to mitigating climate change.

Obtaining ISO 20121 responds to the adoption of sustainable measures in all phases of the organization of the event, taking into account its environmental, social and economic impact, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined in its Plan Strategic.

Madrid Trophy Promotion SL thus takes the lead in the organization of sustainable sporting events in Spain. The Spanish Open, which will be held from October 7 to 10, 2021 at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, will be the first event that Madrid Trophy Promotion SL will organize after receiving the ISO 20121.


This seal confirms the company's commitment to defending sustainability, with special emphasis on the fight against climate change. A commitment that becomes tangible with its carbon neutrality and for which, since 2021, Madrid Trophy Promotion SL not only minimizes the CO2 emissions of all its sporting events, but also compensates for the inevitable ones.Sustainability Master Plan

Obtaining ISO 20121 for all the company's sporting events also responds to the application of its Sustainability Master Plan (PDS), which is binding and includes specific measures for each phase of the Event organization. In this sense, the criteria included in the Plan are focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals on which the activity of Madrid Trophy Promotion SL impacts in relation to the design, organization and implementation of sporting events.

In addition, certification involves an annual external audit that will verify compliance with the requirements established in the ISO 20121 standard, as well as the impact of the most relevant sustainable issues in all events.

The axes around which the management of Madrid Trophy Promotion SL events revolves are:

- Transparency and ethical management, based on respect for human rights, good governance practices and fair competition.

- Human team and talent development, favoring training and professional and personal development, respecting the principle of equal opportunities.

-Inclusiveness and co-responsibility of all interested parties, preparing relationship plans that allow their expectations and needs to be known and carry out actions that generate shared value.

- Economic growth, especially linked to the benefits that revert to the environment hosting the event.

- Social commitment, taking care of the factors of accessibility, equal opportunities and respect for diversity.

- Sustainable purchasing, considering not only economic and technical aspects, but also environmental and social ones, promoting responsible practices and contribution to local economies.

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