The Manuela Fundación returns to the charge in cycling

After not completing the purchase of the Mitchelton-Scott, the Manuela Fundación will make the leap to professional cycling next time with a team in the Continental category.

The Manuela Fundación, which jumped to the forefront of cycling in June 2020 due to its interest in buying the Mitchelton-Scott structure, will make the leap to professional cycling in the 2022 season.

After the agreement that had been signed between Manuela Fundación and GreenEdge Cycling, the sports structure of Mitchelton-Scott, was broken, the Granada team now makes the leap to professional cycling starting from the base with a team in the Continental category. Through a statement published on his Facebook page, the Manuel Fundación emphasizes that the creation of this continental category team "is the first step in the roadmap set for the World Tour" .

The Manuela Fundación also refers to the frustrated purchase of the Mitchelton-Scott and, since the operation did not go out, it was decided to create a team from the ground up. "Since last year the purchase of the Mitchelton was frustrated and after several conversations with the managers of other squads, Francis Huertas made the decision to create the project from the Continental category and go up step by step. Emilio Rodríguez and Fran Puñal got involved We got to work and, with the help of José Manuel Moreno and José Vicente Bonillo, the procedures began to make the Continental Manuela Fundación team a reality next season 2022. "

In fact, the Manuela Fundación has already given several touches on how the team that makes the jump in the Continental category will be in 2022. "Some of the riders of the Elite-Sub 23 team such as its captain Fran Casaus and his teammates Franklin Chacón and Yurgen Ramírez they will become part of it. For Manuela Fundación, her quarry plays a fundamental role. That is why her intention is to train her runners to nurture her professional team ".

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