The incredible reasons for Heinze's firing in Atlanta

The relationship between the coach and Atlanta was strained to the point that the MLS Players Association received a complaint on behalf of the American team.


Atlanta United became the second Major League Soccer team to dismiss its coach during the 2021 season, because this Sunday he announced that the Argentine, Gabriel Heinze, ceased to be the coach of the American team, after 'The Five Stripes 'imposed the worst winless streak in its history within the league, in addition to the separation of Josef Martínez from the starting squad being made public.

A time bomb exploded in the whole of Georgia, which ended the Heinze project, just a few months after presenting the Argentine as a new coach, prior to the start of the 2021 season, in which he had a balance of just 2 wins , 7 draws and 4 defeats in 13 games directed within the American league, in which he accumulated eight straight games without a win.The 'divorce' with Josef Martínez, the main figure in the history of the franchise, ended up collapsing the Heinze project within soccer in the United States, where he accumulated a series of problems that even reached the MLS Players Association and that ended their time in the MLS.

These were some of the reasons for the dismissal of Gabriel Heinze in the MLS:

Broken relationship in the locker room

According to Fox Sports, inside the Atlanta United locker room things were not going well at all, because even the MLS Players Association received a complaint on behalf of the Atlanta squad, because the Argentine coach imposed harsh and demanding training sessions, and would have even limited the amount of water players could drink during the preseason.

The hard training sessions, which were sometimes in a double session, were just some of the reasons that eroded the relationship between the Atlanta United squad and the coaching staff of Gabriel Heinze, who according to reports by Doug McIntyre, also would have refused to granting days off to their squad to be able to train at any time, something the squad complained about before the MLSPA, for alleged violations of the collective contract.

"The tactics and the football side are one thing, but so much was happening off the field that the players were mentally exhausted on a daily basis," a source within the club told Fox.

Historical record without victories

The constant friction between Gabriel Heinze and his team members was reflected in his performance on the pitch, as in addition to being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions League, in the 2021 season of the MLS he barely harvested 2 wins in 13 games led in the North American league.

Heinze's last win in MLS was in May, when they beat CF Montréal by the smallest difference and since then they have accumulated 8 games without wins, to impose a new negative mark in the history of the franchise.The straw that broke the camel's back

Since the presentation of the 'Gringo' in the American club, one of the main unknowns would be the management of his squad due to his well-known character and his relationship with the main figures of the squad, something that ended up 'spilling the vaso 'inside Atlanta, after the bad relationship with Josef Martínez, the main reference in the club's history, was made public.The Venezuelan striker was separated from the starting squad by Gabriel Heinze's decision and had no activity since his return from the Copa América, so 'The Five Stripes' faced the last 6 games without his figure, which was acclaimed by the fans in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Heinze's farewell match against New England Revolution.

Gabriel Heinze said goodbye to Atlanta United after just a few months at the helm of the club, which adds 13 points to place number 10 in the Eastern Conference and also announced Rob Valentino as interim coach.

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