The future of F1 is here

The reflection that the second quote leaves in Spielberg is that the generational change in Formula 1 is an incontestable reality.


Verstappen's landslide victory at the Austrian GP is worth much more than the points he brings to his personal account as the leader of the Formula 1 World Championship. It is fourth of the season, the third in a row and the second in two weeks, data that underpin solidly that his candidacy for this year's title is much more than circumstantial. Hamilton is worried and Mercedes, the same. There are races ahead to turn the situation around, but each one that passes is a missed opportunity to do so. The fourth place for the Briton is a psychological setback, the seven-time champion has not faced a situation of this kind for years, at a clear disadvantage compared to his direct rival. He will have to learn to digest recurring defeat ...

The other reflection left by the second quote in Spielberg is that the generational change in Formula 1 is an incontestable reality. Mad Max is his spearhead at the top of the points table, but Norris's career cannot be overlooked either: he places the young McLaren as a future value of a solvency that has endorsed many Sundays since last year. Sainz is somewhat less young but he also represents that new batch of stars; His performance in Austria has been masterful, complying with the script proposed by Ferrari and providing the necessary talent to star in it, even at the expense of his teammate Leclerc, another winning bet looking beyond immediacy. And let's not forget Russell, who with a car at the bottom of the pack was able to keep a very fast veteran like Alonso at bay for many laps. I said, the future is here.

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