The end to Liverpool's nightmare is a new problem for Klopp

Joe Gómez, Matip and Van Dijk are already exercising in the preseason after a year to forget. The coach must decide between them and the newcomer Konaté.


Liverpool is in luck and Jurgen Klopp is in trouble. So many months after injuries to their three starting center-backs ruined what was set to be an exciting season, they are all back on the pitch. The 'reds' have started the preseason in Salzburg and Joe Gómez, Matip and Virgil Van Dijk have taken all the media spotlight.

At the moment, they are not one hundred percent, but they were able to do the physical tests and ran alongside their companions. Liverpool's coaching staff does not want to force anything on three players who come out of serious injuries and who aim to be fundamental in the club's successes, just as they were in the Premier League conquered just one season ago.

The centrals are gradually entering dynamics, doing exercises with the rest of the squad and with a more individualized preparation in other sections. It is unknown if they will arrive in full for the start of 2021/22, but Klopp, in this case, has nothing to fear. Ibrahima Konaté, recently signed from Leipzig, is aiming for quarterback from behind, at least in the first leg of the season.

Blessed problem, but a problem after all for Klopp, who has gone from improvising defenses every week to get ahead to having seven center-backs on the roster. In principle, Williams, Ben Davies or Phillips start with few options and could come out on the market. The doubts come between Joe Gómez, Matip, Konaté and Van Dijk.

The Dutchman even became a candidate for the Ballon d'Or and only a serious problem in his recovery will separate him from the starting eleven. The newcomer Konaté should be your companion, for price, room for improvement and physical condition. It remains to be seen if Matip or Joe Gómez, Van Dijk's loyal squires these years, will not be able to snatch the position from him. What's more, the latter was one of Anfield's great hopes and perhaps injury has deprived him of a career of the highest level from the get-go.And the market?

Despite having four big centers, all with a high market value, everything indicates that Liverpool will not get rid of any of them. Klopp promised them happy with his planning last summer, but injuries played a trick on him. In order not to repeat the same problem and knowing that the three 'veterans' are not yet in full swing, they will remain in the first team and will enjoy many minutes of rotation. Only an exorbitant offer could change the plan.Konaté's first chance

On July 20, Liverpool have a triangle match scheduled with Wacker Innsbruck and Stuttgart. It will be two half-hour games in which the three injured will hardly play, so as not to take risks. Or, if they do, a reduced time so as not to overload them. Faced with this situation, Konaté will command the defense and try to mark territory.

It should be remembered that Van Dijk has not played since October 17, when he suffered a serious knee injury against Everton. The ankle played a trick on Matip, who missed the Feb. 2 season at its conclusion. Joe Gomez has been out of action since November, when he began to suffer from patellar tendon problems. Now, all of them look with hope to the future, to return with more strength. However, they face a new rival and of the highest level: Ibrahima Konaté. I said, blessed problem for Klopp.

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