The dream of being a hero again

The WTCR lands at MotorLand, with Azcona ready to repeat the feat he achieved in 2020 where he signed his last triumph of the tournament on this stage.


“You shouldn't try to return to the place where you have been happy,” says Sabina, and yet there are those who look forward to a reunion with which to regain sensations. As is the case of Mikel Azcona. The Navarrese was running at the beginning of this season as one of the pilots who were called to fight for the most ambitious goals of the WTCR in order to enter the fight for the title, but his beginning has had a different script that he wants to rewrite at MotorLand . Less than a year ago, the Aragonese track was the scene where the CUPRA rider achieved his first victory in the competition and now, with only six points on his locker, he hopes to reverse the situation in a weekend where, moreover, the team should gain ground after the BoP (Balance of Performance) controversy.In view of the controversy generated by the level of performance during the first two dates of the contest, modifying the weight of four of the five TCR of the World Championship, in the case of the CUPRA León Competition, the new adjustment reduced 20 kg to a prototype, which also will not add offsetting weight for this appointment due to the results they have sealed so far, in a score that reflects the tenth position as the best record of the course. Which takes reality away from what was expected, after a weekend to forget in Germany and a sanction in Estoril that deprived Azcona of a sixth position, still far from the objectives set for this special appointment: "I hope that in my home race we can fight for the podium like last year ".

Despite being prudent not to refer to victory, the Navarrese makes it clear above all that his objective is to "give a good show" for all those who return to the stands and that finally, after the absence of audience at the 2020 appointment due to COVID-19 where Azcona achieved his last conquest, they can see him become the local hero: "When you pilot and have all that support, you feel that you can go a little faster to get a good result enjoy it with them. "

The CUPRA driver could share feelings with a newcomer who, nevertheless, has a lot of experience behind the wheel. And experience is always a degree. The Spanish team took Jordi Gené out of retirement for this season after a long period away from professional activity and in Estoril, he showed that his skills were still intact. The Catalan scored points in the two rounds that were held on the Portuguese track and for this event, not only does he settle for being "a little more competitive" but also, according to the words of his partner, he is clear that "when you run at home you always have an extra ”. Something the rest of the grill can't say.

The World Championship is 'plugged in'

Although the leader, Vernay, is not far from his origins, he will race at his neighbor's house and also, he will not only feel the pressure of the local drivers but also, he will be cuddled by Lynk & Co and Honda . Although the TCR of the Japanese will be the prototype most punished by the ballast, from the team they are convinced that this reason will not prevent them from shining in the third test of the year. The Civic Type R will compete with 70 kg more than at the Nürburgring and Estoril, being the vehicle with the highest weight on the entire grid. Although Guerrieri's experience during a 2020 where he competed with the maximum compensation weight, makes them feel prepared for a challenge where, for the first time, they will share the stage with the Pure ETCR. It will be the first all-electric multi-brand touring car championship in the world and in this event, Azcona will also go for it.

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