The Bundesliga throws the net in Spain: Pedri, Blanco, Herrero ...

In recent years, the German league has shown a special interest in the quarry of Spanish clubs, for which they bet for their projects.


EI considered the best coach in the history of college basketball, John Wooden, knew exactly what the formula for his success was: "I prefer to have a lot of talent and little experience to little talent and a lot of experience." That message seems to have penetrated the Bundesliga forty years later. In the last decade, the German league, less economically powerful than the Premier or LaLiga, has made a spectacular bid to seize the greatest promises in European football to cement the foundation of its football and, so far, it has been a complete success. . There are names like Haaland, Upamecano, Bellingham, Sancho or Davies. And in his search for those rough diamonds, he has found a mine in the LaLiga quarry.

Omar Mascarell, Mikel Merino, Dani Olmo, Angeliño, Borja Mayoral and Jesús Vallejo are a clear example of young footballers who, waiting for an opportunity in their home clubs, ended up packing their bags and went to the Bundesliga in search of minutes and opportunities ; today they all play in established clubs.

Now the road to success is followed by others. German clubs are clear that betting on a player before his name begins to sound in the media is key to the development of their sports bet. That is why this same summer Eintracht signed 17-year-old Fabio Blanco, who has gone from the Valencia youth team to the Eintracht first team without even going through the Che team subsidiary. Enrique Herrero, 16, also arrived in Frankfurt this week after Madrid and Barça had become interested in the Villarreal youth squad, although in his case, the idea is for him to train with the Eintracht first team but play in the subsidiary, as well as former UD veteran Alzira Nacho Julià, also a newcomer.

A little further north, in Wolfsburg, the Volkswagen club noticed two years ago a very young Sevillian center-back from the Betis quarry, Anselmo McNulty, who in two seasons became the captain of the U-23 team and that this course will play the Champions League with a first team card.

All these examples are a sample of the important bet that German football is making for the Spanish quarry. The investment in infrastructure and above all, the confidence of the new German technicians (Naggelsman, Tuchel, Rose ...) are the great reasons why young Spaniards decide to go to Germany. To such an extent that agencies such as LeaderBrock, which represents Pedri and Ferran, among others, have placed a headquarters in Düsseldorf knowing this new trend.

Precisely Pedri is another example of German interest in the Spanish quarry. Bayern made an offer to Barça of 40 million for the canary after 8-2 in the Champions League last year. A risky bet by a player who had not made his debut in First. Luckily for Barça, he rejected the offer and has Pedri for a while ... 444 444

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