The Breogán throws the door and signs Musa, compared to Doncic

The Breogán River is reinforced with Bosnian forward Dzanan Musa on his return to the Endesa League. The Bosnian comes from Efes and was previously in the NBA.


Dzanan Musa, a Bosnian forward of 2.06 m and only 22 years old (May 8, 1999), is a new player for Río Breogán de Lugo, a team recently promoted to the Endesa League. One way, that of the Lugo club, of knocking on the door on their return to the ACB with the hiring of a player who has been written a lot and who is from the generation of Luka Doncic, from 1999, for which they have been come to compare when both stood out in the lower categories. Something that was also done when the two made the leap to the NBA the same year, in 2018, but while one did not stop growing and dazzling from the beginning, the other was diluted until finally leaving the North American League. Last January he joined Anadolu Efes, which was proclaimed European champion in May, but barely played in Europe despite signing an initial three-year contract. Now, he comes to Lugo with the challenge of relaunching his career. A risky bet for the club, but a brave bet, because the player has talent.

Musa was trained in the lower categories of his native Bosnia, at Kos Mostar, at a very young age he signed for Cedevita Zagreb. His great progression, which he accompanied with three League titles and three Cup titles in Croatia, led him to be selected by the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the NBA draft in 2018 (in 29th place). With the Nets he played two seasons (4.3 points and 2 rebounds in 54 games), alternating with the development team of the franchise (Long Island Nets) before being traded to the Detroit Pistons. In January 2021 he arrived at the Turkish Efes, with which he averaged 11.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in the League. In the Euroleague, just 12 total minutes in four games. He had debuted almost six years ago in the maximum continental competition on October 15, 2015 with the Cedevita shirt, he was only 16 years old, and he did it precisely one day before Doncic, who debuted on October 16, 2015 on the Khimki trail.

The Bosnian was named MVP of the Eurobasket U16 in 2015. He also played in the U-17 World Cup and the U-18 European Championship and made his debut for the Bosnian national team in the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket 2017.

“Musa has a good handling of the ball and resources to score, both from the outside and in the penetration. The player expressed his ambition to relaunch his career with the help of Río Breogán ”, he explains in his statement in Lugo club.

The parallelism with Doncic

As Doncic's contemporary Muse and having parallel careers, the comparison was always there. The role of the Bosnian in the training categories was groundbreaking at the time: top scorer of the European Under-16 in 2014 and 2015, achieving the title in the second attempt, top scorer of the Eurobasket U-18 of 2016 and a great World Cup that last year in which he even scored 50 points in a match against China-Taipei. In the move to professionalism everything changed, because in many scouting reports in 2018 the names of Doncic and Musa were almost on par. They ended up being the only Europeans chosen in the first round that year alongside Moritz Wagner.

When the parallelism with Doncic came to the NBA, because they were companions of generation, origin, appearance and age, it caused the League itself to publish a documentary, Something In The Water, in which it was, also with others such as Vlade Divac and Goran Dragic, the breakdown of the former Yugoslavia, its diaspora and the reconstruction in terms of basketball.

Dzanan Musa left very interesting reflections in a promotional interview he conducted for Sports Illustrated, which we remember in the following lines:

Drazen Petrovic: "When he scored a basket, it looked like he had scored a goal. He had a lot of love for basketball. He was a hero."

The insults he received for being Muslim: "I was a 16-year-old boy when I heard the insults. It affected me a lot. I didn't even play, I spent 40 minutes sitting on the bench and my team lost. The fans were insulting me from behind and me they threw things. You have to get used to being the target of criticism when you are in a foreign country. "

United States: "Maybe he'll buy me a tiger, like Mike Tyson did."

The reconstruction of Bosnia after the war: "The people of Yugoslavia have a self-discipline that is not seen in other countries. We are children of the war. I was born when it was over, but I felt it because my father was in the army and it was responsible for 2,000 soldiers. When you see people dying at all hours, it is logical to have emotions on the surface. We have something that nobody can describe because the horror and terror of the war made us stronger ".

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