The Bizkaia-Durango withdraws from the Donne Giro due to COVID

The Basque team has communicated through Twitter that a positive case of COVID-19 has been detected in the team and they have decided to withdraw from the Giro Donne.


The Bizkaia-Durango made official this Thursday its withdrawal from the Giro Donne after detecting in the last hours a positive case of COVID-19 within the team.

The Basque squad has issued a statement through their Twitter account, where they indicate that "as a preventive measure" they have decided "to withdraw the Giro team, not taking the start on Thursday's stage." The Bizkaia-Durango has not wanted to give details of who the infected person is.

The group consisted of Sandra Alonso, Lizzie Holden, Émilie Fortin, Lucía González, Ariana Gilabert and Yurani Blanco led by Agurtzane Elorriaga and they had been in the Giro since last Friday, July 2, although currently only Lucía González remained in the race.

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