TD Systems will continue with the Women in Black

The collegiate group and the Spanish television brand will continue to be linked one more season after the successes obtained in the past.


TD Systems and Movistar Estudiantes have renewed the collaboration agreement that began last season, whereby the leading Spanish company in the sale of televisions will once again be an official partner of the women's team of the Madrid entity. The agreement, which is a sign of mutual trust between two great brands, will last for the next season and will allow TD Systems to remain linked to the student team.

The renewal with Movistar Estudiantes, signed last June, once the season is over, confirms that “TD Systems' support for national sport is firm and lasting, and responds to the desire to associate the brand with teams that unite its quality a great social recognition ”, in the words of Juan Manuel Martín, president of TD Systems.

"Make visible the effort of sportswomen"

"We are very happy to renew our collaboration with the female Movistar Estudiantes, a team with which we share the values of effort and improvement, as well as a competitive and fighter character. We are especially pleased to continue helping to make visible the effort of women athletes, so that they achieve the recognition and equality they deserve. Movistar Estudiantes is a great example of the enormous talent that exists in women's basketball, and we are proud to continue together for another season ”, says Juan Manuel Martín.

For his part, for Miguel Ángel Bufalá, president of the Students Club, “it is very good news that TD Systems, the number one Spanish brand in the sale of televisions, is betting for the second consecutive season on Women In Black. For us the loyalty of our partners is key, who want to continue being part of our project is something very comforting for what it means, which is to have achieved and improved the objectives set with the alliance ", he stated.

This renewal comes after a historic year for both parties. TD Systems has become the leading Spanish brand in the sale of televisions, with a market share of 14% in Spain. In 2020 it registered its sales record, with 616,000 units sold and a growth of 18% over 2019.

For its part, Movistar Estudiantes has been the revelation team of the Endesa Women's Basketball League. After ascending to the top category last season, the players and the coaching staff have led the entity to experience a historic year, finishing fifth in the regular competition and playing a notable role in both the Queen's Cup and in the play-offs. League.

Talks against “bullying” on the summer campus

Fruit of the collaboration and social commitment of both entities, is the launch of a series of talks against “bullying” on the summer campus of Movistar Students, given by the ambassador in social networks of TD Systems, Sofía del Prado, Miss Spain 2017. This week the second meeting was held, in which the influencer explained to the participants, aged between 12 and 15 years, the harassment she suffered in his adolescence, the importance of asking for help and how his decision to join the basketball club in the town where he lived ended the bullying. TD Systems thus continues, with the help of Movistar Estudiantes, a social initiative with which it intends to fight against bullying in childhood and adolescence, in all areas in which it occurs.

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