Superliga: Madrid and Barça win another battle against UEFA

Both clubs celebrate, in separate notes, the filing of the disciplinary file opened against them and the revocation of the fines to the rest of the founders.


Real Madrid and Barcelona released a statement announcing a new judicial victory over UEFA in the Super League case. In the note it is announced that the Madrid Court that already understood the matter orders the filing of the disciplinary file opened against both clubs and Juventus and that UEFA "nullifies the fines and other restrictions that were imposed on the remaining nine founding clubs. as a condition for them not to be the subject of disciplinary proceedings by UEFA. ”

Madrid and Barça thus celebrate that the Mercantile Court number 17 of Madrid has denied this Friday, by means of an order, a request from UEFA to annul another one of May 11 last by which it was raised to the Court of Justice of the European Union A preliminary ruling on whether there is abuse of a dominant position by that body in the organization of international competitions.

The judge rejects the fact that there was "defenselessness" on the part of UEFA when the Commercial Court had sent the preliminary ruling to the CJEU without prior knowledge of the body chaired by Alexander Ceferin because it was not part of the procedure at that procedural moment. And it also considers that the request of the highest body of European football came after the deadline.

On July 1, the Madrid Commercial Court number 17 already required UEFA to archive the disciplinary procedure initiated against the Super League clubs and to nullify the disguised sanction for them consisting of contributing 15 million to the Solidarity Fund , the obligation to dissolve the project and the fine of 100 million in case any of the clubs participated in the competition. Against this order, UEFA filed an appeal for reconsideration, which was also dismissed.

The note from the clubs continues: “In this way, the courts once again support the position of the promoters of the European Super League and dismiss the appeal filed by UEFA, confirming the warning to the latter that failure to comply with this resolution could lead to economic sanctions and criminal responsibilities. The case will be analyzed by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, which will review the monopoly position that UEFA holds over European football. ”

According to Madrid and Barça, “UEFA has claimed the exclusive position of regulator, operator and sole owner and manager of European football competitions. This monopoly position, in conflict of interest, seriously damages football and its competitive balance. As has been shown on multiple occasions, financial controls are inadequate and have not been applied objectively. Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to govern their own competitions. ”

And, finally, he adds: “We are pleased to know that, from now on, we will not be subjected to constant threats from UEFA. We remain committed to the objective of developing the European Super League project in a constructive and supportive way, taking into account fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues and national and international associations and federations. We are aware that there are elements of our proposal that must be reviewed and, of course, improved through dialogue and consensus. We continue to trust the success of a project that will always be respectful of European Union regulations ".

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