'Rocket' Suárez defends leadership in Ourense

The Asturian rider reaches the fifth round of the Spanish Championship at the top of the table, with Jan Solans and Iván Ares as the main rivals.

The Ourense Rally, one of the most prestigious and long-established events in the Spanish Championship, will be the scene this weekend of the fifth duel for the title. After two tests contested on asphalt, Sierra Morena and Villa de Adeje, and another two on gravel, Lorca and Terra da Auga, the contest returns to the asphalt in the complicated sections of Orense, in which 'Cohete' Suárez defends his leadership.

The forecast is for heat, one more complication in a test in which when there are high temperatures many drivers and mechanics suffer. Facing Suárez will be his two main rivals in the fight for the championship, Jan Solans and Iván Ares. Of the three, the only one who has previously won this event is Ares, who also runs before his audience and will try to stop the winners of three of the four races held to date.The Rally de Ourense will have full among the promotion formulas, since it scores for the Renault Clio Trophy, the Dacia Sandero Cup, the N5 RMC Cup, the Suzuki Cup, the Peugeot Rally Cup Ibérica and the RTS Scholarship. In total there will be 80 teams participating in the test that starts on Friday afternoon and will last until Saturday.Spanish Championship José Antonio Suárez (Skoda), 106 points

Jan Solans (Citroën), 71

Ivan Ares (Hyundai), 58

Gorka Eizmendi (Skoda), 56

Surayen Pernia (Hyundai), 48

Photos from as.com
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