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Scariolo is confident in his magic and will once again give the World Cup MVP in China the main role in his plan for the Tokyo Olympics.


"Two years ago, Sergio's system worked well for me, and we continue to do so." With that simplicity Ricky explained himself after his exhibition in Paris last Saturday, when he scored 16 of the last 18 points of the National Team in a demonstration of superiority, inspiration and control of the situation of those who impact. But in that sentence there was something more than the explanation of the match against France. In this "we continue at it" is, in key, the idea that Sergio Scariolo is shaping with a view to the Tokyo Games.

And once again, Ricky will be back in the middle of the stage. It wouldn't make much sense to change it after China's success. In the World Cup, El Masnou's point guard was the MVP with spectacular figures: 16.4 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 1.5 steals. The ball was in his hands for a long time and he found a perfect partner in Marc, who was also in the ideal five of the championship.

"I feel like it should be my World Cup," Ricky said before the Beijing event. Then he showed it on the court. He is a player with a special sensitivity who, if he had doubts about his participation in Tokyo, it is because he had to resolve that his involvement was the maximum. Solved that mental issue, and found the motivation, he has admitted that he is "in shape" .

New partners

In Tokyo, you will also have new partners. Pau has shown to have quality minutes on his legs; You can find specialists like Abrines and, to give yourself a break, you will have a luxury replacement. Chaco has shown in the two games against France that it is fine. "We will find a way to be complementary and for the team to benefit," summed up the canary after the Malaga game.

It is obvious that the paradigm of the National Team has changed with respect to the last presence of Pau Gasol. No one would argue before 2017 about who should turn the National Team. But times change and Ricky earned those stripes in China. Surely that is not a problem for a dressing room with wise players and with the ego satisfied enough to know what is the most convenient for the National Team today. In Tokyo, not everything will be Ricky. But his inspiration will be a piece of success.

Return to training

The National Team returns to training this Tuesday, two days after the trip to Las Vegas, where it will face the United States on Sunday the 18th. Pau Gasol and Alex Abrines will return to work. The pivot had a break against France and the forward should be recovered from his discomfort. There are 15 players left in Scariolo's concentration and only 14 are likely to travel to America. Alocen could stay in Spain before the last cut.

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