Saúl not only looks at Barça

Joshua Barnett, from the player's representation agency, explains to As that "nothing has been decided yet" and that he has other avenues open, including continuing at Atlético.


The summer soap opera at Atlético revolves around Saúl and, for a week now, has also included Griezmann. The exchange in which Atleti and Barça work with their players will not be easy, although the conversations between clubs are constant. However, the opinion of the footballers also counts, and they also have to be convinced. Griezmann, invited to leave the team, really wants to return to the Metropolitan, while Saúl has several options on the table.

“Saúl will do with his future what is best for Saúl,” explains Joshua Barnett, from ICM Stellar, the agency that represents the rojiblanco 8. Although the market is very stagnant in Europe, the footballer, with an excellent line-up in Europe, has other avenues open in addition to the Barça player that has recently emerged. Liverpool, who lost Wijnaldum, and Manchester United, who have followed Atlético for years and are again looking for a midfielder, are very interested in taking over the player's services.

Barnett himself warns that "nothing has been decided, Saúl has as many options to stay as to leave." His representative recognizes the possibility of the exchange with Barça, but does not see it as close as one can guess from the published information. The agreement between Saúl and Barcelona is not closed. In addition, it is a complicated operation that involves two clubs and two footballers and that is framed in a peculiar economic situation, especially that of the Catalans, for which it needs the approval of LaLiga.

While Saúl works with Atleti since the preseason began on the 7th. This Wednesday he did it outside the group, but there was no problem and in today's session it was one more. The footballer is calm in Los Angeles de San Rafael despite the fact that now a large part of the conversations, within the club and among the fans, revolve around him.

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