Saul's Labyrinth

Atlético's '8' is determined to change of scene, but there is a lack of offers that will convince everyone. The Premier seduces the player, although now the Barça route is gaining strength, which it did not have.


One of the unknowns of the summer at Atlético, perhaps the one that is talked about the most, is where Saúl will play next season. The 26-year-old midfielder has been working with the team for a week, despite the fact that a few months ago he let the club know of his intention to change of scene. However, with the preseason underway, they still do not receive concrete proposals that convince both the player and the entity. Time passes and the market, which in his case is now pointing towards Barcelona, is cold.

When in March Saúl informed Atlético that he wanted to go out in the summer, as As said, the option that had the most force was that of Bayern, but the Bavarian club did not take the step and it does not seem that it will. Thus, both the rojiblancos and the footballer himself have looked more - until a week ago - towards England. Saúl is seduced by the Premier and believes that his style of football would adapt very well and could revive his career. From the point of view of the entity, it is understood that only the great British teams could put on the table an interesting amount of money to undertake the operation. In any case, the man from Elche is clear that, if he leaves, he will do so to a team that allows him to compete for titles.

Last week, Liverpool's interest was advanced from the English media. The red team has lost Wijnaldum and Saúl fits that profile. According to these information, they are preparing an offer of 40 million for the 8. Atlético hopes to get something more for the footballer. Manchester United is another one that is pending, especially because they may lose Pogba and will need an important reinforcement for the center of the field. They have also followed Saúl for years. The player's release clause is at 150 million.

The unexpected door: Barcelona

But beyond the Premier, in recent days the option of the Griezmann-Saúl barter has entered the offices with force. And not because Barça has thrown itself towards the rojiblanco half. It is actually a complicated operation, marked more by the need of the Barça coffers, and it needs the approval of the players, Atleti and Barça and that the numbers fit. The rojiblancos are already working on it. Another script twist in the summer of the footballer, who a few weeks ago did not even imagine this way.

The rojiblanco club sees that the weeks pass and the Saúl case has barely moved. Now there are talks for the exchange, but the following movements must be made from the Camp Nou. Saúl and Atleti are waiting. On the other hand, De Paul has come to the Metropolitan to reinforce the midfield. The offers will come, but everyone sees that the soap opera is lingering. A tense calm around Saul ...

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