"Whoever said that about Doncic is the greatest basketball genius"

Luka's father, Sasa, has exploded against the press after the accusations against his son, which defined him as a very "difficult" player to deal with.


Luka Doncic has qualified Slovenia for the Olympics, but the news about him has not stopped along the way. Mainly, with the United States as the focus of production. Dallas Mavericks, his franchise, is at a tipping point. He wants to surround his franchise player in the best possible way and, for now, has begun the rebuilding through Jason Kidd and Nico Harrison. The first, as a new coach; the second, as the new general manager. Both, like the pieces of a new gear that breaks, at the root, with all of the above: the most brilliant time in its history, with Rick Carlisle on the bench and Donnie Nelson in the offices.

In the midst of everything that is, rumors not only acquire sports overtones. In fact, the first domino piece, an article by Tim Cato and Sam Amick in The Athletic, referred more to internal personal relationships in the franchise. In it, Haralabos Voulgaris, director of quantitative research and development, was directly targeted. At the same time, the possible bad relationship of this with Doncic was pointed out. Along the same lines, the voices that revealed discrepancies between the Slovenian and Kristaps Porzingis do not stop insisting. "Porzingis and Doncic don't like each other," said ESPN's Tim MacMahon recently.

Now, it was a partner in the environment who has spoken. Brian Windhorst, in an interview with 105.3 The Fan, has not had very kind words with the former Real Madrid player. "I think Luka is maybe a difficult person. He's a great player, but when you watch the Mavericks play, he's barking at the coach, he's barking at his teammates, he's barking at the umpires. He's always barking. for something. Really, it can be an irritating type ", has ensured. One more chapter of a summer, that of the Mavericks, which awaits little rest.

All this has caused Sasa, Doncic's father, to be sarcastic about the situation. Everything that is surrounding his son is not liking him, something that he has wanted to demonstrate with irony. Asked about Windhorst's revelations, Sasa replied: "I don't know. Perhaps this journalist is probably the greatest genius in basketball. So, please, don't ask me about it," he said in statements collected by the Clutch Points media.

Sasa has not stopped there and has assured that her son, a basketball star, is experiencing a great sporting and personal moment. "I'm telling you, what he's doing in the NBA is beyond great. I speak like a basketball fan. As a father, I'm very proud of him. He's not afraid of anyone. He has this heart and guts to compare it to everyone. What he's doing at 22 in the NBA, as a European player, I don't think anyone does. "

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